10 June 2021
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The Summer months are a great time to get active outdoors– and dine outdoors as well!

Whether snacking in the sun or sleeping beneath the stars, there’s nothing like fresh air, food, and friends to rejuvenate the soul.  

Since times of social distancing, outdoor dining has become a way for friends to safely share savory bites in beautiful environments. Chasing that popular picnic aesthetic (and “cottagecore” vibe), many event planning businesses now offer custom picnic setups in parks, on beaches, and more. We’ll show you how to replicate that perfect picnic experience with these DIY projects you can craft at home! 

A woman holds out a customized cardboard picnic box with a blue bow on it

Custom picnic boxes  

Wave goodbye to the traditional basket and paper plates setup! Your picnic guests will appreciate the personalized touch of their very own picnic box. Dress up simple cardstock to-go boxes with individualized vinyl names and embellishments. Each can be customized with whatever color or font best suits your overall picnic aesthetic.  

Not only do these boxes look incredibly cute, but they also allow you to better customize each picnic meal or order. Definitely a plus for any friend with food allergies or sensitivities! 

Wooden cutlery sits inside a cardboard picnic box, next to a croissant and muffin

Cute wooden cutlery 

Wooden cutlery is a great alternative to the standard plastic cutlery we see at many outdoor events. Using wooden dining utensils can be a great way to accent the natural environment that surrounds you. Plus, they definitely enhance any cottagecore themed picnic event with a hand-crafted look and feel! 

To add an exciting flourish to your cutlery, simply transfer vinyl decals with themed images or phrases. Even the smallest touches can add a bit of welcomed whimsy to your overall experience.  

Wooden cutlery is nestled inside a floral paper sleeve, topped with a blue bow

Patterned cutlery packets 

As a companion to your cutlery, a DIY cutlery sleeve is yet another small touch that can enhance the overall handmade aesthetic. Using a semi-translucent material like vellum to create these envelopes keeps everything light and bright. Feel free to play around with different colors and patterns to add texture or dimension to your personalized picnic boxes.  

Fruits and pastries sit inside a cardboard picnic box with a blue gingham napkin

Goodie bag topper 

Freshly baked desserts and other delicious side items deserve some love! Even simple potato chips or veggies can have a little wow factor when individually bagged and topped with a cute bag topper. They’re super easy to create with your choice of craft paper and vinyl. Call out what’s inside, or encourage your guests to enjoy and eat up. 

Green glass water bottles are wrapped with paper flower embellishments

Floral drink wrapper 

Soda, juices, and sparkling water always seem to taste better when served in glass bottles. Take it a step further by adorning each drink with a floral drink wrapper. Keep them uniform for a chic and collected look, or assign custom colors to each guest so everyone can keep track of their drink. 

Get crafty, then get outside! What will be your next picnic aesthetic? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out our tips on throwing other summer events, like the perfect patio party