Phone case inspo for your seasonal tech refresh

11 August 2021 by Alexis Gulbransen

After spending ample time indoors, many of us have built quite the tech setup.

Just as you might customize your wardrobe or home décor to reflect your personality, you can do the same with your digital gadgets– especially your cell phone. Our phone cases (and wallpapers) are oftentimes an expression of our individual tastes and styles. In a way, they’re an additional accessory to our everyday look.

There’s a massive amount of phone cases available for purchase– almost overwhelmingly so! Rather than dig through an abyss of search results or try to wade through the tech accessory aisle at your local retailer, we recommend DIYing a customized case. That’s why we’re offering prime phone case inspo below as thought starters for creating your very own buzzworthy design.

Phone case customized with Bonjour sticker

Meet and greet

Say goodbye to the standard styles and hello to…well, “hello!” A greeting-inspired design is a fun play on the phrases and words used to kick off each conversation. Personalize your greeting to feature a variety of international languages, like our bonjour and aloha phone case designs. Each time you pick up your mobile, you’ll be offered a message of cheerful reception.

Vintage vibes

Vintage thrifts have become the newest fad of the fashion world. Though cell phones may not have existed in decades past, you can replicate the retro style easily with timeless, nostalgic images from Cricut’s Design Space library. These floral, bird, and rose concepts are reminiscent of old boardwalk and tattoo designs, acting as perfect phone case inspo for the recent retro resurgence. Combining old school and new school has never looked so good.

Leopard Print phone case with cord in tray on table on top of pink table runner

Patterned perfection

Offering pops of color and texture, patterns are a great way to make a statement with tech. A boldly patterned phone case can also make your mobile easier to spot across the room (are we the only ones losing our phones in piles of blankets or cushions)? Animal prints like our cheetah pattern never go out of style, but you can also mix it up with a trendy abstract or geometric design. Digging around in Design Space will unearth a variety of fun patterns, or you can upload your own images and create an entirely new print. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this classic!

Graphics for all

If patterns are a bit too busy for your liking, a simple standout graphic is a great alternative. Inspired by trending monogrammed accessories, incorporate your initials into your phone case design with an artistic flourish. A fan of cheekier designs? Show off your fun and flirty side with our wink phone case. Or perhaps you’re in need of a vacation but can’t seem to leave your home office– no sweat! This beach-inspired surfboard phone case will remind you of sunnier days while you’re making those conference calls.

We hope our projects provide ample phone case inspo and make crafting for your custom tech even easier! Care to create additional DIY accessories? Check out our tips and tricks for creating custom handbag designs and complete your crafted look!