Unwrapping new Cricut materials for 2023

9 March 2023

Cricut launches new materials to continue fostering creative freedom and making crafting more convenient at home.

SOUTH JORDAN, UTAH – Today, Cricut launched nine new products as an expansion to our ever-growing collection of machine-compatible materials. The launch includes specialty vinyl and additional accessories, incorporating the utility and innovation of Cricut supplies. Creating crafts to your specific vision has never been easier with the release of new materials.

New materials included in this launch are:

UV Color Change Iron-On Vinyl

This HTV material is similar to the Everyday Iron-On materials but changes into multiple colors when exposed to UV or sunlight, making this vinyl great for garments that are used during the warmer seasons.

Color Change Vinyl (Hot) 

This thermal-sensitive vinyl changes color when exposed to warmth and returns to its original color when the heat is no longer present. As a permanent vinyl, it works great with projects where your design could stand a little heat like your favorite mug or cell phone case.

Color Change Vinyl (Cold) 

If the surface is cool enough, this vinyl changes color when exposed to cold and returns to its original color when the stimulus is no longer present. Designs for drinkware like tumblers or the popular can-shaped glasses are just a few of the ideas that benefit from this permanent vinyl.

Smart Label Dissolvable Paper

With this dissolvable label, both the paper and adhesive are water-soluble. When the label needs to be changed or you want to remove it, simply run it under water, in the dishwasher, or through a washing. The paper can be written on and cut without a mat. Try it on food containers for easy labeling, party drinkware for a personal touch, or even as a traceable guide for crafts like embroidery.

Rainbow Reflective Iron-On Vinyl 

When looking at this vinyl in the light, a colorful rainbow is reflected. The effect of this iron-on can be seen during day and night and is commonly used on accessories, such as hats and drink koozies.

Skin Tone Vinyl Samplers

This sampler pack offers a range of neutral shades of Permanent Vinyl or Everyday Iron-On. This vinyl is often used to add an extra-personal touch to different types of projects, decals, silhouettes, and apparel, such as T-shirts and hoodies.

Color Refresh Iron-On Vinyl

As an exciting addition to the Everyday Iron-On collection, we are introducing three new colors of vinyl. The colors include mint, rose gold, and coral, just in time for Spring and Summer.

Linerless Transfer Tape 

Just how it sounds—transfer tape without a paper liner on the back, which means less waste than traditional transfer tape. Like regular tape, simply peel what you need from the rest of roll and then stick it directly to your material. This easy-to-use transfer tape comes in a variety of roll sizes to accommodate any size project and creates a smoother experience for simple cuts and flat surfaces.

Smart Label Permanent Writable Vinyl for Cricut Joy

With a permanent adhesive that can last for up to three years of use, write and cut without a mat for quick labeling projects like closet bins or gift tags. This Cricut Joy Smart Label material peels straight from the backing onto whatever project you want.

As a creative community, Cricut is always exploring new ideas to make the crafting process easier for users. These new types of vinyl and supplies are the next step to making effortless projects with a clean and professional outcome. The materials are designed to put the project-making process back into the creators’ hands through ease of use and careful design.

Cricut’s new materials are unique in their function, giving users an exciting project result. The project possibilities are constantly growing as the materials diversify and become easier to craft with.

Cricut continues to grow and expand our reach of supplies to make the crafting process easier for you. You can find these new Cricut materials and pricing details at the online Cricut Shop.

About Cricut

Cricut, Inc. is a creative technology company whose cutting machines and design software help people lead creative lives. Cricut hardware and software work together as a connected platform for consumers to make beautiful, high-quality DIY projects quickly and easily. These industry-leading products include a flagship line of smart cutting machines — the Cricut Maker® family, the Cricut Explore® family, and Cricut Joy® — accompanied by other unique tools like Cricut EasyPress®, the Infusible Ink™ system, and a diverse collection of materials. In addition to providing tools and materials, Cricut fosters a thriving community of millions of dedicated users worldwide.