7 ways to update your entryway

28 November 2022

It’s amazing what a fresh doormat or a sign can do to an entryway. When people think about redecorating a home or refreshing a stale room, they often think bigger is better. Sometimes, it takes just a small change to make a big impact. Add a personalized touch with these simple DIY ideas for your entryway, foyer, or mud room.

1. Personalized doormat

This project cuts iron-on to create a stencil. Using the stencil and paint, you can create a personalized doormat.

Find this Personalized Hello Welcome Mat project in Design Space

2. Modern house numbers

All it takes is a few sheets of chipboard, some spackle, and spray paint to turn layered paper into metallic-looking numbers.

Find this modern house numbers project in Design Space

3. Window film

This project cuts vinyl to create long window decals.

Find this Geometric Window Vinyl project in Design Space.

4. Monogram wreath

This project cuts a monogram from cardstock that can be added to a wreath. Simply change out the Merry Christmas for a monogram, and it turns out beautifully.

Find this Monogram Wreath project in Design Space.

5. Family name hooks

This project cuts Smart Vinyl to create a customized family decal to personalize your entryway hooks.

Find this Family Name Sign Hanger project in Design Space.

6. Welcome sign

Create an inviting sign for your guests with this wooden home décor sign using cut vinyl.

Find this Hello Sign project in Design Space.

7. Personalized key holder

This project cuts vinyl to label key hooks, so each house member has a designated hanger.

Find this Personalized Key Holder project in Design Space.

What’s in your entryway?

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