7 easy steps to an organized fridge

1 September 2021

Summer is drawing to a close, and it seems like everyone is settling back to their (new) normal routines.

You’ve organized your pantry and shelves, but what about the fridge? We’ve already told you that labeling is magic, and it’s time to use that to tackle what’s hiding in your messy fridge.

unorganized fridge

It may seem daunting, but we think you’ll find the process pretty satisfying. Here are a few steps to get your fridge whipped into shape.

Bins, bins, bins

A key to keeping things organized is making sure every item has a place, and plastic bins are a perfect way to give everything a spot. Get some bins that will fit in your fridge and have them ready.

kitchen organizing containers

Take everything out of the fridge

That’s right, every little thing. Now is a great time to wipe down the walls, rinse off the shelves, and empty out anything that might hide in your drawers.

Get rid of expired goods

Even in a busy household, there will be items that have been creeping in the back and are past their prime. Throw them out (and recycle containers as appropriate). Combine anything you find in duplicate.

Group things together

Keep things together by their larger group categories, like condiments, spreads, dressings, fruit, veggies, and meats. Use your bins and your drawers to assign each group a designated space. You might want to leave space on the side of the bins for items like milk or eggs that get regular use and won’t fit in a bin.

Label it

Use your Cricut machine to create labels for each bin and drawer. Now, everyone in the house knows where things belong. Live alone? Labels act as a great reminder and help keep things organized longer, especially when you’re really just following your own rules.

Enjoy your organized fridge!

All done! Now just stand back and admire how great it looks.

organized fridge