Personalized wedding cards to make the happy couple

2 July 2024

Creating a handmade wedding card is a great way to add a personal touch and tailor a thoughtful message to the happy couple you’re celebrating. Here we share a roundup of some charming and creative wedding card ideas you can craft using your Cricut machine and a little help from Cricut Design Space.

Elegant Floral Card

Classic floral designs always exude elegance, and florals never go out of style. In less than 30 minutes, you can create an intricate floral-designed card from cardstock and foil transfer sheets using your Cricut machine. Select a foil color that matches the mood; for a more dramatic look opt for gold, or choose soft pastels like blush, mint, or lavender for a spring or summer wedding.

Congrats Wedding Card

For a simple yet standout card, even beginners can craft a card that celebrates the couple in a fun and whimsical way. This project is designed for cutting machines using Cricut Insert Cards and uses Cricut Metallic Markers. Choose a metallic insert that suits their style and select one of four available sizes for your project. This delightful design is a great option for a non-traditional couple or an informal wedding.

Wedding Cake Pop-Up Card

Design a wedding card that doesn’t just stand out, it POPS!  Intermediate crafters can create a pop-up wedding card that celebrates the couple with some cardstock and a little dedication. Cut each design with your Cricut machine, add glue, and assemble. This card features a silhouette of a wedding cake and reveals a delightful pop-up of a wedding cake when opened.

Indian Wedding Card

Choose vibrant colors to honor the rich traditions of Indian culture and highlight the intricate details synonymous with Indian weddings. Add a touch of luxury by using materials like silk paper, or adding embellishments such as tiny beads to accentuate the card and mimic traditional Indian embroidery.

Mr. & Mr. Card

Create a one-of-a-kind card for your loved one’s special day! The two groom design is perfect for celebrating the happy couple. This project is suitable for beginners and involves cutting cardstock for the card and accompanying envelope. Select colors and embellishments that reflect the grooms’ styles. Turn your handmade card into a beautiful keepsake that embraces and celebrates the significance of the occasion.

Creating a custom wedding card adds a special touch to your gift, making it memorable for years to come. Each of the wedding card ideas can be customized in Cricut Design Space, ensuring your card is as unique as the couple you are celebrating. Whether you prefer something elegant, playful, or modern, your handmade creation will be a cherished part of their big day.

Make these Wedding Cards in Design Space