One thing we love about crafters is they’re often budget conscious. Whether that takes the form of saving used strips of transfer tape for another day, bunching up objects on a mat to save materials or sharing information about online sales, we’re impressed with their focus on thrift!

In that vein we thought we’d share some tips on personalization in the context of budget, as told from a newbie on staff here working at the Cricut mother ship in Utah (yes we have crafters just starting out, too!)

Tip No. 1:

Start with “Free this Week”, on Design Space. If you don’t happen to have Cricut Access, this is a great place to get high-quality images for free.

Tip No. 2:

Find something in your house to personalize – no need to go out and buy something expensive. Good targets for vinyl projects include kid’s rooms, laptop lids, cellphone cover stickers, kitchen storage jars (labels!), ski boots, water bottles and coffee cups.

Tip No. 3:

Don’t have a Cricut machine? There’s a chance your public library has one for you to use for free! Many libraries these days are fielding Creative Labs with Cricut machines. Just don’t forget you have to bring your own materials! Want more inspiration?  Don’t forget to visit our Craftspiration page.