Our Top 6 ways to use Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock

17 November 2021

Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock is one of the coolest products in the Cricut Smart Materials line-up. It is paper, but it has a sticky back which allows you to make stickers, create layered art with no glue, or even write on it to make custom gift embellishments. Stick around for our favorite ways to use it.

Gift embellishments

Whether you need to add a bit of personalization to a gift, or just add a little pop! of color, Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock is your new best friend. Best part, no need for glue. Just peel and stick.

How adorable are these treat bags? We took a simple white paper bag and filled with treats. To add the ribbon seal, we used this project in Cricut Design Space to cut and draw the image out of two colors of Smart Paper.

Layered cards

Our favorite cards have lots of layers, but sometimes, lots of layers are hard to manage. That’s where Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock comes in. Since Smart Paper is not meant to be folded (it has a sticky back!) you still cut the card body our of normal cardstock. Then, stack up all the embellishment layers with Smart Paper. Use pens in your machine to draw the final, text layer.

This Happy Birthday card is a perfect example of using Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock to make a layered card. The designer of the card was able to stick the candles and the bottom part of the banner straight onto their folded card. They also had their Cricut draw the “Happy Birthday” text on the top layer of cardstock.

Layered wall art

Mandalas and other kinds of layered paper art look so beautiful in a gallery wall. With your Cricut and a few sheets of paper, you can make a piece catered to your style! We have some favorites pre-designed in Cricut Design Space to help inspire you. Some of the examples were originally designed with regular cardstock, but Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock would make them so much easier.

Party décor

Think cupcake toppers, banners, goodie bags, and more. Party décor made with Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock should help you take the worry out of party planning.

This rainbow paper banner is so cute and easy to make. Simply use this project in Cricut Design Space, cut out the banners, and fold over a piece of twine

Envelope envy

There are so many ways to use Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock to spice up your envelopes. We like to use it to add a return address, create cute envelope closers, or add a personal message to a holiday card.

Wedding favors

Talk about personalization heaven! Wedding favors are a great way to send guests home with a memory of the day. Use Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock to create treat bags, close gift boxes, and more.

Another fun idea would be to use it here like we did for graduation, only with the initials of the bride and groom instead.

That was a ton of ideas, but honestly, we think you will come up with so many more ways to use Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock. Share your ideas with us — tag us on your favorite projects #cricutmade #cricutcreated.