Using the Offset feature for an offset image in Design Space

18 March 2021

We are excited to announce the release of Offset in the Design Space for Desktop app.

This new beta feature will allow you to create decorative outlines to shapes, text, or groups of objects to make your designs pop! 

Offset creates a proportionally larger or smaller layer of your design, to help you make projects like cake toppers, custom stickers, and T-shirt designs possible. Offset layers add a “shadow” or decorative outline to your design so you can give your project texture and dimension for visual impact. 

Want to see the Offset feature in action? 

Check out the below video to see how Offset works and how we use it to make a customized cake topper: 

How to use offset in Design Space

A few FAQ

Why does the Offset tool have a Beta tag?  

We are confident in our algorithm, but we are still working to optimize the tool for complex images. With more people using the tool we can gather data on how it’s performing and make any needed improvements.  

Can I apply Offset to multiple objects at the same time?  

Yes. Simply select all objects to which you want to apply an offset, then open the tool and use the slider or enter a measurement. Weld Offsets will be selected by default. This merges offsets for all selected objects, so they function as a single layer. De-select Weld Offsets if you wish to work with each offset separately. 

Will Offset work on all images?  

At this time, Offset works best with images that have closed paths. A closed path is a continuous line that doesn’t have a clear starting and ending point. Images with open paths – line segments that have a clear starting and ending point – may not produce desired offset results. Most of our Draw images are examples of images with open paths. 

My offset layer has some openings in it that I don’t want. How do I remove them?  

A design that has several parts to it, or an image with a lot of negative space, can sometimes result in an offset with openings in it. Any unwanted openings can be removed with the Contour tool. Just select Contour in the Layers panel, then select the parts you want to remove. The image on the Canvas will update to reflect your changes. 

I want to change the size of my offset; how do I re-open the Offset tool on that layer?  

Once you click Apply it’s no longer possible to adjust that layer using the Offset tool, but no worries! It’s easy to create a new one at the size you prefer.  

How large of an offset can I create?  

The maximum size is 1 inch or 2.5 cm from all edges. 

I have Design Space for Desktop version v6.6 or higher, but I don’t see the Offset tool. What can I do?  

The Offset feature is supported on systems running Windows 10 (64-bit only) and higher, and macOS 10.13 and higher. If you do not see the tool after updating Design Space, you may be running an operating system version that is not supported for this feature.

If your operating system meets the requirement, make sure your Canvas Style is set to New. Select menu > Settings > Canvas Style: New. The feature will not appear when using Classic Canvas.

When will this be available? 

Starting March 17, Offset beta feature and Project Collections were released with the latest Design Space update (version 6.6).  

For more information on Offset and step-by-step instructions on how to use it, learn more here

We can’t wait to see what you make with offset. If you need some inspiration, see below for some projects made by our very own Cricut employees! Click the image to be taken straight to the project in Design Space.