Norway Quilt Block of the Month

15 October 2021

This project cuts bonded fabric to create a Norway-inspired floral block as part of a 9-block quilt series.

We’re on Month 5 of the Quilt Block of the Month series, and like the others, this one’s a beauty. Similar to our other floral blocks, folk art inspires the Norway quilt block. In this case, it follows a style known in other crafts as “rosemaling.”

According to the Daily Scandinavian, “Rosemaling is the decorative folk painting of Norway and its history began in the low-land areas of Eastern Norway about 1750 inspired by upper-class artistic styles when Baroque, Regency and Rococo were introduced to Norway’s rural cultures.”

Used throughout Norway, much of our research shows the importance of this folk-art style on Norway’s history. From church walls and ceilings to cabinets and beer bowls, the distinct embellishment is specifically for wood. As emigrants traveled from Norway to America, the style also traveled westward in the form of rosemaled trunks and chests, according to Talk Norway.

When creating the floral blocks for this Quilt Block of the Month activity, you’ll notice that all of the inspiration we’ve picked follows this folk art style. They also incorporate similar colors and shapes. This allows the quilt to pay homage to multiple styles, countries, and cultures, while also looking like one unified piece.

We can’t wait to see what you’re making. Make sure you share with us on social by tagging @cricut and #cricutmade.

Check out the Norway quilt block in Cricut Design Space. You can view the full quilt in our article on amazing applique with the Cricut Maker.