Must have materials for holiday gift giving

30 November 2021

To most, this is the biggest gift-giving time of the year.  For me, this is also the biggest gift-making time of the year! I love to make and give gifts. If the giftee isn’t someone who appreciates handmade gifts (bah humbug!) I at least try to add a little festive handmade-ness to how I wrap their gift. That may mean a personal element on the wrapping, a handmade card or gift tag, or a gift topper that screams, “I made this because I love you!” What are my favorite materials to make my gift giving extra special? Let me break them down for you.

1. Paper, paper, and more paper

Since paper comes in so many varieties, sheens, and colors, paper is my most favorite way to enhance a gift. Sure, you can always make a personalized card, but have you ever made a paper bow?!? I show you how to make three different kinds of paper bows in this Facebook live a few years ago.

The video was inspired by this project in Cricut Design Space. I just made the bows a bit bigger.

Or what about a snowflake gift topper? Layers of sparkly paper that could double as an ornament? Count me in!

2. Vinyl as an embellishment

Vinyl is so versatile! Not only can you use it to make gifts for people, like a custom water bottle or notebook, but you can also use it to embellish those gifts! Think polka dot wrapping paper or spelling out the recipient’s name right on the package. You can even create a winter wonderland on brown paper wrapping.

Personalized gift wrap

Or, create a trio of matching gift bags with a signature touch – a custom vinyl design!

Holiday gift bags

Cricut Vinyl comes in so many different sheens and styles, it could be fun to skip fancy wrapping paper this year and go to town making your own designs! Don’t forget the transfer tape.

3. The Cricut Mug Press, mugs, and Infusible Ink sheets

Everyone in my family is getting a custom mug this year for their holiday gift. SHHH, don’t tell them! But they are. The Cricut Mug Press is SO fun to use and creates stunning mugs every time. You can fill the mugs with a special treat for the recipient or even a gift card! Use the mug as your gift wrap.

4. Cricut Foil Transfer Tool and transfer foil

Give me ALL the shiny things. Even better, let me add shiny details to tags, cards, gift wrap and more. I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about how much I use my Cricut Foil Transfer Tool to help me with my gift giving. The transfer tool is great for adding a little extra to tags and cards like these.

I made this card last year when the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool was brand new and still love how it turned out.

The tool can do so much more than just tags and cards. Take these poppers, for example. They are super fun and easy to make because they are exactly one sheet of 12” x 12” paper, you can customize to your recipient’s names, and fill it with things they would love. So much better than the stock ones you can purchase at the store.

Personalized foil poppers

I also love these earrings using Cricut faux leather and the foil transfer tool to make the intricate design. Any jewelry aficionado would love to receive them as a gift.

Faux leather earrings

5. Printable vinyl for tags and stickers

Some years around this time, I break down and buy sticker gift tags at the store. Ack! I know! I can’t believe I’m admitting that. This year, however, I’m pre-empting that last-minute purchase by creating my own sticker tags. I’l be using this Ready-to-Make project in Cricut Design Space. The project calls for Cricut Printable Vinyl which I always have on hand. It is such a great product for stickers.

Once you’re done helping your future-self with a stack of sticker gift tags, you can use the leftover printable vinyl to make full color stickers for stocking stuffers. I have a tutorial showing exactly how to use printable vinyl to make stickers.

What are you making?

There you go. My top materials and products you need to help with your holiday gifting this year. If you make any of these projects or have more gift-giving ideas, please share them — tag us on your favorite projects using #cricutmade.