Murals for Moms — The world’s biggest Mother’s Day card

23 May 2024

A personalized, heartfelt Mother’s Day card will always make a great gift. Four of our favorite artists decided to gift the mother-figures in their lives with a Mother’s Day card on a much larger scale. They hand-painted murals for Moms in four of the largest cities in the U.S. In collaboration with Cricut technologies, the four artists created breathtaking murals in Austin, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco. 

Art is intended to bring joy to the area it resides, and these murals intend to serve this purpose. As part of Cricut’s Make Mom’s Day campaign, these vibrant displays also aim to bring cheer to Moms across the country. Meet the artists who brought put their stories to picture to honor their Mom this Mother’s Day:

Austin, TX

Mother's Day mural by Sadé Channell in Austin, TX

Sadé Channell is an Austin-based artist and muralist. Her art features dynamic imagery using symbolism and bright colors. The 504 Trinity mural in Downtown Austin portrays these techniques alongside her use of Cricut materials to create stencil designs in the work. 

Chicago, IL

Katie Lukes painted the 626 W. Randolph mural in Chicago. Drawing on memories with her mom inspired Katie when creating this mural. Mother figures impact our lives in many ways, and Katie’s mural demonstrates several of them using various media, including Cricut decals. 

New York, NY

Bianca Romero is mixed-media artist in New York City, where she created a mural to honor mothers who have passed. “Remembering Mothers” shows us that Moms are always watching over us and that grief and healing are also felt on Mother’s Day. This commemorative mural is found at 102 Ludlow on the Lower East Side.

San Francisco, CA

Alice Lee creates art in the Bay Area, where her mural can be found on 2701 Leavenworth and North Point in San Francisco. Using Cricut to outline clean shapes, her mural pays homage to her childhood with her mother. Lee’s portrait forms a dreamy scene to remind us of the ways Mothers help us dream and discover. 

These larger-than-life visuals capture the beauty of motherhood and incorporate stories from each artist’s life to honor their Mother. Not only does the art exist uniquely in its design, but each mural acts as a colorful focal point in its neighborhood.

Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Making!