Mother’s Day gifts from Cricut makers

8 May 2024

While our job here at Cricut is to inspire our community of crafters, more often you all inspire us. Mother’s Day gifts have taken over our feed and sparked countless thoughtful gift ideas for Mom this year. All the mother figures in our lives deserve a little extra love, and these are some of the ways our community is celebrating this Mother’s Day.

Mama Sweatshirt

Project and photo courtesy Sara Staib Burr

Sweatshirts and other apparel are a fan favorite when it comes to gifting. This sweatshirt design is a beautiful way to make sure your mom is always cozy and wearing her heart (or her children’s names) on her sleeve!

Grandma’s Wordsearch

Acrylic blanks can be crafted to suit any occasion, and these custom word searches are wonderful for puzzle-loving Moms. A little letter scrambling can go a long way to make your Mom’s day.

Flower Shadowbox

Project and photo courtesy Becky Ketron Hubbard

The art of the shadowbox is truly amazing and easily customizable to your Mom’s favorite designs, colors, and flowers. With a shadowbox, you gift your Mom both a lovely piece of decor and vibrant flowers that will never wilt.

Edge Cards

Project and photo courtesy Judy Sarmento-Hanscome

In the card-making community, edge cards have taken their place at the top of the trends. These cards are exquisitely detailed and beautiful, which is exactly what our Moms deserve on their day of celebration.

Sweets Box

Project and photo courtesy Paola Uni

Our Moms never stop showing us love, and for many, their love language is food. These handmade candy boxes are an ideal gift option for all those who got their sweet tooth from their Mama and love connecting over a delectable treat.

Glass Tiles

Project and photo courtesy Little Studio 4

Making a gift for Mom requires thought and care. These glass tiles are amazing for Moms, Grandmas, Aunts, and more who love to show off their kids and keep stylish decor around the house.

The Cricut Community is showing us how they craft to show their care with these handmade Mother’s Day gift ideas. Explore all the wonderful projects in Design Space and tag us on our socials to share what you’re making for your Mom this year!