“Me Time” means creativity for Natasha Kisten

4 October 2021

This feature on Natasha Kisten is part of a multi-story series on women in Cricut in South Africa for Women's Month.

Cricut Ambassador Natasha Kisten shares her passions, joys and failures in her honest and authentic way of life, raw and unfiltered. This mom of two boys inspires us with her success and how there is so much more to making it in life — including setting aside some “me time.” A creative mom, she says she lives to share and inspire other women to find their true authentic selves.

Natasha — 43-year-old proudly curvy, potty-mouthed and tattooed entrepreneur — is a mom to Ashton (16), Skylar (12), and fur baby Nugget. She is a Fearlessly Authentic® trail blazer and disruptor who isn’t afraid to challenge the social biases and stereotypes facing women and children.

Natasha’s take on her personal failures and successes as a parent, realistic approach to wellness and radical self-love is what she writes, speaks and lives. Natasha’s personal story is proof that we are not defined by our circumstances, this brutally honest straight talker encapsulates a life well lived amidst everyday highs and lows. And she still finds ways to be creative. She balances her life — family, creativity, and business — which is what helps her make passion pay off..

Joining the Cricut family has proven to give Natasha the valuable down time or “me-time” used to not only re-charge her batteries, but create things that she loves, for those around her that she loves.

We couldn’t be happier to welcome her into our homes and hearts as she shares how to overcome obstacles one step at a time all while leading a creative life and making time to do what she loves.

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