Make your mood with the right décor

26 August 2021

Plenty of research exists on the effect of colors on mood and behavior. An entire Psychology of Color Chart even exists, describing in an easy-to-read infographic Pantone (PMS) colors and the moods that go with them.

Feeling creative? Shades of yellow and orange probably surround you. Hoping to give off an air of dependability or rugged endurance? Brown works for both.

Theming your home décor may set you up for mood-making success if you incorporate the right mix of color and material. You can feel exactly how you want, when — and where — you want.

Keeping cool and calm

Bedrooms, bathrooms, and even meditation rooms may feel best if they’re set up for tranquility and restfulness. For these types of rooms, you may want to stick with green and blue hues for the best mood-making color scheme. Looking for something a little sexier? Anna Starmer of the Color Scheme Bible says to strive for more of a violet or purple shade to heat things up.

In the mood for food

There’s a reason so many restaurants pick shades of red, orange, and yellow for their logos and decor. These colors are welcome, comforting, and stimulating. Save these colors for when you want to encourage boldness, excitement, or energy — like you would in the kitchen or living room.

Mix and match

Sticking to a color scheme doesn’t mean literally making everything the same color. Using complementary hues and tones helps create balance while accentuating the main focal points. Plus, your palette opens up a lot more when you think about how some colors transform others.

Making your mood with metallics

Add a sense of luxe and sparkle with metallics like gold, silver, or bronze. We talk more about giving your home a bit of an upscale touch in our article to add flashy flair to any room with metallics.

Save space for neutrals

Ever notice how some photographs are entirely black and white or sepia but with a bright pop of red? That’s because the red shines a lot brighter when it’s not competing against other shades. Keeping a room fairly neutral, but with little bursts of brightness here and there helps prevent an overwhelming feeling — especially when you’re trying to put focus on bolder colors.

Mood makers and breakers

Just because you’ve started with one color scheme doesn’t mean you have to stick with it forever. Change things up, move things around, or make something new if and when you want! With Cricut at your side, you’re completely in control.