Make your dorm room more personal with six handmade, removable decorations

10 August 2021

With Autumn just around the corner and the school year quickly approaching, we college students think about one thing — dorm decor.

Entering college is an exciting time for students, and dorm decor is a special way to show all sides of your personality and make the dorms feel more like home. It may be difficult to find, and budget for, all of your dream decorations, but with Cricut Maker 3, you can custom design almost anything you want! Create a home away from home with these customized dorm room decorations.

Cozy up your dorm room with custom throw pillows

With Cricut Maker 3 and Cricut EasyPress 2, you can custom design throws for days. Throw pillows, throw blankets, you name it. Throw pillows are comfortable for lounging and give your sleeping area some personality. When living in a dorm, your bed is your best friend, so make it cute and cozy with pillows that will brighten up your space and your day.

Plan ahead with a calendar like no other

Spice up your average whiteboard calendar with customized stickers and labels. In college, writing down a daily schedule is the key to staying on track. By adding special touches to a weekly calendar, you will be on top of your work and never miss a class. A whiteboard calendar is an essential, yet stylish dorm decoration when made personal with Cricut Maker 3.

Look in the mirror and find inspiration

Mirror, mirror, will today be a good day? Mirrors are a popular decoration, but make yours special with a motivational decal. Before leaving the room each day, read the decal to remind yourself to keep your head up and stay positive. Mirrors, big and small, help your room feel more open and bright as well.

Life can succ(ulent) without DIY planters

Bring good energy to your dorm room by incorporating indoor plants in customized planters. Cricut Maker 3 allows you to personalize your planters on a budget to give your dorm room a lively atmosphere. Planters come in all shapes and sizes, so they make a perfect decoration in any space. Even if plant parenting isn’t for you, artificial plants perfectly fit the aesthetic!

Keeping clean made cute

Using a shower caddy when living in a dorm is beyond necessary, especially when showering in community bathrooms. Shower caddies hold all of your necessary hygiene supplies, but might be boring to look at. Using Cricut Maker 3 is a quick and easy solution to decorate your shower caddy and stand out from the rest.

Color up your dorm room with custom coasters

Coasters are affordable dorm essentials that are not only decorative but useful for protecting any surface. Customized coasters are a small detail that will tie your dorm room decor together. Adding pops of color, such as these coasters, to your dorm room will make it feel more like home.

Decorating your dorm room can be exciting, fun, and challenging all at the same time. Adding your creative designs to once-plain items will make the process so much easier. As you head to college and move into the dorms, use the tag #cricutmade to show off how you decorate your dorm room!