Last minute Halloween costumes with Cricut

25 October 2022

The season of celebration is among us, starting with Halloween! The spooky holiday is often one that sneaks up without warning and leaves you scrambling for festive decorations and costumes. Not to mention, last-minute shopping can get pricy, so I began to think of ways to craft and save some coin.

I’ve found using my Cricut to craft up a Halloween costume is cost-efficient and creatively motivating. So whip out your handy Cricut tools and begin creating some of these easy costumes for a Halloween full of tricks and treats.

Cute Cow

From boo-tiful to moo-tiful, this Cricut-made cow costume is perfect for animal lovers. This project requires black vinyl and a headband for ears, and the result couldn’t be any cuter. The cow costume allows more creative flexibility when it comes to the types of garments you add spots to, so whatever costume design you feel best in is the right fit!


Kings, Queens, and all in between are royal this Halloween (rhyme intended)! Cricut Smart Paper Sticker Cardstock is my current favorite material because it is easy to cut, and since there is an adhesive backing…no glue, no mess! For any type of royal costume, there are several crowns and tiara projects on Cricut Design Space to choose from.

Deviled Egg

Nothing like some fun wordplay when it comes to this deviled egg costume. When a friend recommended the idea, I knew I had to make it—and it just happened to be my easiest, and most original, costume made with my Cricut. Choosing the material for your egg shirt is entirely up to you. Just don’t forget the devil headband to tie it all together!

Jack o’ Lantern

A classic Jack o’ Lantern will always do the trick in a time crunch. Dark brown or black iron-on vinyl of any face design will convey the Halloween spirit with little effort. Other quick costumes that require minimal effort are ghosts and skeletons. Each of these require supplies you may already have in your home, and each is equally simple and fun to make.

These quick costume creations are in high demand this season. With so many possibilities for everyone, Cricut-made Halloween costumes are wicked!

What #cricut costumes are you brewing up this Halloween? Tag us on social media to share all of your projects.