March 19, 2021
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This post was contributed by Zooey Deschanel.

My kitchen is one of the most high-traffic rooms in my home. It’s where I test out new cookie recipes and get gabby over a good meal with friends and fam. Because of all the foot traffic, it can be hard to keep it organized! But I’m ready to dish/spill the beans/come clean (I couldn’t use just one kitchen pun) with my five top organization tips that have made my kitchen a whole lot easier to manage.

Use all the vertical space

Most kitchens struggle with a similar issue: not enough space. Cabinets, islands, and countertops tend to crowd the center space of a kitchen – but when you look outside the box (see: above and below that crowded middle space), you’ll find a whole lot of room for utility and storage. Even when you’re planning out your countertop and cabinet organization, think of ways to stack instead of spread out. Vertical storage is a great hack for keeping things organized and within reach without crowding your kitchen. Opt for stackable containers and shelves to maximize space. 

Zooey Kitchen cabinet spice rack.

One of my favorite countertop accessories is my tiered spice rack – it keeps all of my most-used spices accessible and I can see everything I have with just a glance! I love not having my spices tucked away in a cabinet, but it’s awesome that they’re not taking up a ton of counter space either.

Infused olive oils

Remember that less is more

If you’re anything like me, your countertop can act as a magnet for anything and everything – keys, wallet, chargers, sunglasses, crafting tools you find in your pocket at the end of the day (maybe that one is just me). But it’s important to remember that your kitchen counters are for many things – cooking, serving, eating, entertaining – and being your junk drawer isn’t one of them! Your countertops don’t need to be all about aesthetic – of course you should store your most-used items (like spices) in an easy-to-reach place. But clutter never feels good! Try removing things you don’t use on a regular basis and storing them on higher shelves. 

Remember that even things that serve a practical purpose in your kitchen (like food) can help it look pretty, too! My pro tip: use clear containers to store pasta and rice or sprinkles and cookies. My favorite way to use food as décor is to store ingredients like cooking oils and flour in pretty containers. Plus, it’s an awesome way to show off my homemade infused olive oils!

Cereal containers with custom Cricut labels.

Make it make sense

Take note of your kitchen’s layout and be mindful of where you store things that you’ll use simultaneously (think oven and baking sheets or glasses and sink). If it makes sense to store items together, store them together! This will make your kitchen a much more efficient and stress-free space. 

Since cereal is a very in-demand item in my home, I keep cereal right by the dish cabinet with easy access to milk in the fridge, so less traveling is involved in the prep. Parents know that less traveling equals less spills!

Woman reaching for fruits in fridge with labels made from Cricut.


When it comes to my fridge, I’m all about simplicity. The less containers, the better. If I can see what I have, I use it! If I don’t see it, it ends up stuffed to the back of my fridge, moldy and with the kind of smell that can ruin a good day. 

I like to keep my fresh items out of containers as much as possible – if they can stand it. That way, they stay fresh and crisp…and I use them! If I need to contain my items, I keep them in super clear containers. I like to open my fridge and see all my options staring back at me.

Cricut Joy with Smart Label and labeled kitchen storage items.

Do it with Joy

I saved my favorite organization tip for last. Cricut Joy™ makes it easy as pie (which isn’t actually that easy, but Joy really is) to create cute and smart labels for countertop, pantry, and refrigerator items! (Check out my spices, olive oils, cereal, and fridge crisper drawers and containers – all done with Cricut®!) No guesswork about what goes where and which ingredient is which. Plus, the labels look handwritten and super professional – the best of both worlds!

If you want to see what else my Cricut Joy and I can do together, come watch me do some fun craft projects!