Aussie duo Jasmin and Luke share their whole new world of DIY

25 October 2021

Meet Luke and Jasmin, the dynamic DIY duo from down-under!

Schoolteacher Jasmin and Carpenter Luke, known and loved by Australians for their stint on The Block, revealed their renovation prowess, design skills, and outgoing personalities in this reality renovation show.

Introduced to Cricut by Jasmin’s mum, a passion for crafting shared by mother and daughter now helps Jasmin and Luke continue to put their creative minds to work for their home. With the Cricut Maker 3 at their side, Jasmin and Luke, make everything from personalised BBQ pressies and engraved night lights to a huge decal for their brand-new caravan.

Read on as we chat with Jasmin about her journey with Cricut, and why she’s now hooked!

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself, and your journey with Cricut.

Jasmin: We are Jasmin and Luke. First and foremost, we are parents with two young children and in 2020 we completed the TV show The Block. Luke is a carpenter and Jasmin is a school teacher. I (Jasmin) have always loved DIY and being a creative. I come from a crafty family as well. My Mum and Sister both own Cricut machines and constantly rave about their love for them. In particular, my mum who has arthritis in her hands. Cricut allows her to continue to create beautiful craft items, pain-free.

Q: What have you made with Cricut and why?

Jasmin: We have made 3 very different projects. The first was a personalised, engraved, acrylic nightlight for our daughter’s bedroom. The second was a Father’s Day gift for Luke. It consisted of an apron that had our daughter’s artwork ironed on, personalised tongs, and a jar of meat seasoning. Luke loved it as he is right into using his new coal barbecue. The last project was a permanent vinyl logo for the back of our family caravan.

Jasmin holding engraved nightlight with "Lola" and flower drawings
Jasmin’s first project was an engraved nightlight for her daughters room.

Q: What was your favourite project to make?

Jasmin: Probably the gift for Luke. We loved seeing Lola’s cute artwork transferred onto the apron. It’s something he will treasure for years to come.

Q: What do you love most about the Cricut Maker 3?

Jasmin: The fact that you don’t always need a cutting mat simplifies the process. Also the way it engraves acrylic was pretty cool to watch. The long cuts in one go were perfect for our caravan logo as it was large scale project.

IMAGE CAPTION:Jasmin and Luke used Smart Vinyl to create a big decal for the back of their caravan & it worked a treat!

Q: Would you encourage other DIY enthusiasts to look into Cricut, and why?

Jasmin: It opens up a world of DIY possibilities. We love DIY but would have never been able to do any of those 3 projects without a Cricut machine. We are totally hooked!

Q: Will you be personalising more gifts with Cricut?

Jasmin: Yes! Luke’s dad is renovating a boat and we are going to personalise a captain’s hat with the name of the boat and his name. He will love it! He has also asked if we can make a plaque for the inside of the boat with its history. Sonny has his superhero 3rd Birthday coming up, so we will be making some cake toppers for his party.

Q: What DIY / renovation projects will you be undertaking with the Cricut Maker 3 next?

Jasmin: We are in the process of redecorating our son’s bedroom as he has grown out of his nursery and is ready for a big boy bedroom. We are going to build him a wooden jeep bed and will personalise it with his name. We also want to try our hand at Infusible Ink to personalize a custom cushion for his bed with “Here comes the Sun.” His name is Sonny.

Q: Anything else you would like to add about your Cricut journey?

Jasmin: We have been so impressed with the finished products of all our recent projects and are excited to keep learning and keep making with our Maker 3 over the coming months.

Jasmin and Luke posing in front of their new Cricut decal on their caravan

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