Introducing the Cricut Contributing Artist Program

17 May 2022

As the Cricut Community goes global (fun fact: currently in 190 countries!), we want Cricut content to reflect the growing diversity of our members, too. We envision a space where members can find the just-right image for every occasion, season, and reason — for every person on this planet.  

To that end, we are absolutely thrilled to announce the Cricut Contributing Artist Program (CAP). This program welcomes artists from around the world to apply and contribute approved original artwork to the Cricut library. As members use their artwork, artists get compensated monthly per use. Plus, for transparency, each artist will have access to real-time analytics to track performance.

Do I have to pay to use their artwork?  

Artwork from CAP artists will be available to all Cricut Access™ subscribers at no added cost. All other Cricut Members can purchase their artwork a la carte. This allows us to fairly compensate artists for their talent and hard work.  

How and where can I find the artwork from contributing artists?  

In the Design Space® app. Just search for an image, and when you see a purple icon next to a name, you’ve found a featured artist! To see the artist’s profile and more of their work, just click their name next to the purple icon.

How do I become a Cricut Contributing Artist? 

To learn more about the program and apply, visit the Cricut Artist Portal. To complete your application for submission, you’ll need 3 original SVG files on hand, ready to upload.  

A huge thank you to our beta artists! They tested every detail and their feedback helped shape the program as we launched it today. We are so grateful for every minute they spared to help us launch this program for artists everywhere. Check out these CAP artists (and more!) in Design Space:

We are over-the-moon excited about this program and cannot wait to welcome more artists to our community to better reflect who we are today and who we are evolving to be in the future. For more information about how the program works and how to apply, please visit