Introducing Cricut Learn

26 October 2021

Introducing a new home for Cricut education resources.

Welcome to Cricut Learn!

I’ve learned a LOT since I came to work at Cricut two years ago. And not just which side of the iron-on to put on the mat (shiny side down!), or how to curve vinyl text on drinkware. (OK, honestly, I’m still perfecting that technique!)

The most important lesson I learned was about the ingenuity of Cricut Members. You GET THINGS DONE. Whether it’s coming up with ways to mass produce sewn masks for health care workers, or how to make a $2 item from the bargain store look like it belongs in a high-end boutique, you won’t let anything get in your way!

I’m here to tell you there’s one thing I’d rather Members — particularly new Members to the Cricut family — shouldn’t have to be so clever about.

That would be learning how to use our machines.

Allow me to welcome you to Cricut Learn! It’s your one-stop shop for short, expert-led video education as well as live, interactive virtual classes. It’s searchable and easy to browse — and it’s available now!

New to the brand, want to understand the lingo (we know we use a lot of funny words!), or need a basic walk through of Design Space tools? We’ve got you covered.

We created Cricut Learn because we saw you shuttling between YouTube videos and influencers, asking for help on Facebook groups or just plain intimidated to open the box.

Let me clarify — it’s a good thing to have many sources of information. I encourage Members to find their own learning path, even as they learn the best way we know of, which is by doing.

Cricut Learn for Cricut EasyPress

We knew we could provide an easier way to get better, faster. And we knew we could do that in one engaging place where Members can easily look up information in the flow of work.

One thing you need to know: you’ll need a Cricut ID (which is free) to join. You can access the site from the Cricut Learn website, and we’ll also send new Members links to content in their email.

A note: We will continually be refreshing content as we get up and running. And you may receive a short survey asking you about your experience, so please weigh in!