See more, do more: Introducing Cricut Bright 360

26 January 2022

Shine light on every project or task you take on! Here’s what you need to know about the new Cricut Bright 360.

Introducing the ultimate LED lamp for every craft and crafter, Cricut Bright 360! With four articulation points to pivot, rotate, and glide across 360 degrees, Cricut Bright 360 easily repositions to focus light right where it’s needed. The brightness and color temperature sliders allow you to personalize and optimize light depending on what you’re crafting or working with.

Cricut Bright 360 is available in floor and table models.

Let’s take a closer look at Cricut Bright 360.

The best part about Cricut Bright 360 is the lamps bring brilliant and broad lighting that illuminates up to four square feet, without getting in the way—you can get light exactly where you need it! Say goodbye to your eye-squinting-eyesight-straining days of crafting. Cricut Bright 360 shines the right light you need to see more, so you can do more. Whether it’s pairing complementary hues or positioning delicate embellishments, these new craft lamps illuminate every project or craft you take on. The side-firing LEDs of the lamps diffuse light with less shadows or hot spots—they even last up to 40,000 hours!

Cricut Bright 360 vs. other lamps

Personalized lighting is made simple with Cricut Bright 360. With two slider options to easily change brightness and color temperature, you can see every detail with less eye strain by sliding the brightness level up to 1500 lux for the Table Lamp and 3000 lux for the Floor Lamp (the Floor lamp needed just a little more power since the illuminated area can be further from the light head). The other slider allows you to choose the color temperature of your preference. So, whether you prefer a cooler light up close for color matching or a warmer light overhead to weed glitter iron-on, you can move the color temperature slider on a scale of 2900 Kelvin to 5200 Kelvin and position the light with the most optimized angle. Then when you’re ready to snap a photo of your customized project, you can switch to “natural daylight” or 4000 Kelvin to take a photo with the perfect lighting.

Bright light vs. warm light

Cricut Bright 360 Table and Floor model lamps are available to purchase online at, and in-store at major retailers, Including JOANN, starting January 27. They are currently only available in the US and Canada. We’ll keep you updated as soon as they become available in other regions.

See more, do more, with Cricut Bright 360

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