Having a personalized luggage tag will help you find your bag with ease the next time you take a trip! Follow along in design space using this link, as Jill shows how she made these cute tags.

How to make a custom luggage tag

Step 1

Go into Design Space and pick the design and text you want to use. Once you are happy with your design, you can attach the images (if they are the same color), so that your design cuts on the same material. Make sure the design is the size you want, and then click Make it.

Step 2

You will now pick what material you are using and whether or not you need a mat. Jill is using smart iron-on, so she does not need to use a mat. And since the project is using iron-on, the mirror button should be on. This makes sure that when the design isn’t backwards when it goes on the luggage tag.

Step 3

Once your machine is done cutting, unload your material. Then to save the excess material for future projects, go ahead and trim the material. After, you can begin the weeding process to remove the iron-on you don’t want in your design.

Step 4

You’ll want to check the Cricut heatpress guide and set the correct setting on your mini press. Since Jill is using glitter iron-on on faux leather, she is using the lowest setting. Press the luggage tag for 5 seconds and then place your design. Once you have it where you want it, press your design for 30 seconds with light pressure and constant movement.

Step 5

Let it cool down before removing the backing, and then slowly peel the backing away.

And now you have a personalized luggage tag!

This project is super simple and easy to make, and the best part is you’ll always be able to tell which luggage is yours! If you decide to make a luggage tag, or another project that catches your eye, make sure to use #Cricut on social media.