Not sure what to do with your time? Stuck at home and wondering how to keep the kids (or yourself) entertained?

Well, now is the perfect time to make! Not only may you find extra time on your hands, but for many people, crafting is a form a therapy and stress relief.

To help get you started, we’re making more than 1,000 images FREE on Design Space for a limited time. That’s even on top of the usual free cut images! Here’s how you can find those free images.

Start by creating a “New Project”

To access the free images, start with a blank canvas by creating a new project where you will be able to insert the images.  There are two places to create a new project – the green button on the top right corner of your Design Space screen or under “My Projects” as the first selection option starting from the left.

Choose Images

Once you have created a new project and see a blank canvas, you will find a column of options to the left of the screen.  This is where you can add text, shapes, or in our case, images to your canvas. To continue adding images, click on “images” in the left menu bar.

Change to Cartridges

Clicking on the “Images” option will automatically open up all “Images” in your screen as distinguished at the top menu. Instead, click “Cartridges” to access the free images. This option will also categorize images available into sets so that you are able to better navigate the different images available.

Filter to Free Images

Next, to access the free images, use the filter option while under “Cartridges.”  The “Filter” button is on the far right side of the screen next to the search bar.

Choose “Free”

Last step! Simply click “Free” in the dropdown menu when applying the filter option. This will populate all the free images available for use.

Keep in mind: we’ll be swapping out the free image sets over the next few weeks to keep things fresh! So, be sure to check back for more inspiration. Stay healthy and keep making!