What do you get when you mix eight Cricut Makers, three EasyPress machines, boxes brimming with crafting supplies and a dozen energetic elementary school teachers?    

An amazing window into the creative process, for starters. But more specifically, a master class on learning how to Cricut! 

Our Cricut training team recently mixed it up with teachers at Deane Elementary School in Lakewood, Colorado. Their school was one of five winners of a Cricut contest that awarded five schools with cutting machines to use in the classroom.  

Teachers – most of whom had never used a cutting machine – learned how to make a handful of projects over the several-hour session.  

But the way they learned in that afternoon session was noteworthy, and applicable to other new members just getting familiar with their creative side.  

As you might imagine, diving into Design Space, our design software, was hardly intimidating to teachers who regularly face off against 25 high-energy students at 8 a.m. on a Monday morning! But careful observation of how they learned revealed some best practices we wanted to share!  

These include:  

Be willing to experiment

Design Space won’t break, and these learners knew it! Clicking on buttons they didn’t know anything about was standard practice for this adventurous group. As teachers, they intuitively knew that learning by doing is the best approach. Bonus tip: They get that mistakes are the biggest learning opportunities of all!  

Check in with the experts

Yes, our crack training team was there to answer questions, and the teachers had many of them. But if you’re learning at home check Cricut Help, YouTube Channel or call our Member Care with questions. 

Follow your interests

The wheels started turning as Deane teachers began to grasp the range of projects they could do, spanning from t-shirts for the PTA, bulletin boards for their classrooms and even sensory paths on the classroom floor. Intuitively, these teachers overlaid the creative power of Cricut across their own personal interests – a great way to stay engaged in the learning process.