Holiday Watercolor Cards

1 December 2022

We are speedily approaching many big holidays, and for some, it’s already here! In light of this magical season, I made some holiday inspired cards with Cricut’s new watercolor cards and markers. All of these were super fun to make and definitely got me in a festive spirit!

Bodhi Day

Bodhi Day is a Mahayana Buddhist holiday celebrated on December 8th. For this Bodhi Day Watercolor card, I found a Buddha Head (#M2326E00B) on Design Space. Then I added the text “Happy Bodhi Day” using the Belinda font. To get the yellow outline, I used the offset feature and changed it from cut to draw, then watercolored the spaces I felt needed it!

Bodhi watercolor design on card


Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that takes place from December 18th to December 26th. For this Hanukkah Watercolor Card, I used an image I found in Design Space (#M3746DC2C) and switched it from cut to draw. I chose to use the blue watercolor marker for the words and the yellow watercolor marker for the candle, stars, and circle.

Hanukkah watercolor design on card

Winter Solstice

This year, Winter Solstice falls on December 21st and happens when one of Earth’s poles is closest to the sun. For this winter solstice watercolor card, I used a winter solstice image on Design Space (#M306B33A5) and changed it from cut to draw. I used the purple watercolor marker for the outline to make it look like it was glowing. And then I used a blue watercolor marker for the word “winter” to give it some cold vibes.

winter solstice watercolor design on card


Yule is a holiday mainly observed by the Germanic peoples that begins on December 21st and ends January 1st 2023. For this Yule card, I found a couple images on Design Space and chose the one I liked most (#M306C3434). I used a watercolor marker for the whole design, and colored inside the letters for a beautiful watercolor feel.

merry yule watercolor design on card


Christmas is celebrated on December 25th as both a religious and secular holiday. There were a lot of great images on Design Space to choose from. With the mistletoe and leaves, this design was a clear winner in my eyes (#M2FD02DBB). For the words and the leaves, I used a fine tip pen so the details didn’t get lost, and used watercolor markers on the circles and berries to bring some whimsy to this Christmas card.  

Christmas watercolor design on card


Kwanzaa is a weeklong celebration of African American culture and starts on December 26th. For this Kwanzaa card, I used an image I found on Design Space (#MC96DF0C). I customized the image so instead of cutting, it would draw with watercolor markers. For the candles and the word “happy” I water colored inside of the lines, and for Kwanzaa, I water colored on the outside to give the word a bit of a glow. And this way, the word won’t get lost in all the details!

Kwanzaa watercolor design on card

Happy Celebrating!

All of these cards got me excited for the holiday season and once you make some, you will begin to be excited for the holidays too (if you aren’t already)! And no matter what holiday you observe, Cricut can help you celebrate. Happy making!