23 March 2021
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A new mom tends to receive a whole lot of thoughtful gifts for baby in the first few weeks postpartum – pacifiers, swaddles, bottles – but even though she is going through serious mental, physical, and hormonal changes, a new mom usually doesn’t get much for herself.

Juggling a baby in her arms most hours of the day, waking up every couple of hours at night to feed her tiny human, and wondering all along if she’s doing it right warrants a little extra stress. A small gift to make a new mom feel like her old self again for just a moment can go a long way toward easing some of that new mom stress. 

Maybe feeling like her old self means getting pampered for a couple of hours, maybe it means feeling her most beautiful, maybe it means being super organized and low stress, or maybe it means just having a few minutes to herself to enjoy a meal. Whatever “treat yourself” means to the new mama in your life, there’s an easy way to DIY a gift for her. 

Giving a new mom a thoughtful, meaningful gift is a great way to say, “I’m proud of you.” Or you could babysit for a couple of hours while she naps. But if you’d rather gift your love and appreciation this Mother’s Day, follow along for five simple DIY gifts that will make a new mom feel amazing.

Gift box with labeled beauty tools for Mom.

The pampering essentials

Perfect for the mom that loves a little rest and relaxation, a care package full of the pampering essentials! Give her the tools she needs to take care of herself at home whenever she has a few minutes: soothing bath salts, a red lipstick that makes her feel fierce, and nail polish and foot scrub for an at-home pedicure. If you really want to make her feel special, how about a little forced fun? Slip in a gift card for her favorite spa or hair salon so she has to carve out a few hours for herself.

DIY gift ideas for new Moms. Handmade leather earrings.

The statement jewelry

A thoughtful pair of earrings or handmade necklace is a perfect gift for the new mom who loves getting dressed up. Something as simple as a touch of jewelry can help make her feel just a little more glam – even if she’s still spending most of her days in a comfy robe.

Gift idea for new Mothers. Star-shaped wall hooks.

The nursery makeover

If the new mom in your life is more about practicality than pomp and circumstance, you might want to check out the state of her nursery. Most moms spend time and energy making it a comfortable space for baby, but forget to make it a convenient and cozy place for them to spend their sleepless nights! Try these easy wooden star hooks to help mom stay organized or this cute and comfy pillow to throw on her rocking chair!

Breakfast tray on bed

The breakfast in bed

Make mama’s Mother’s Day with a baby-free breakfast in bed. Most new moms struggle to get five minutes to themselves and sitting down for a meal can feel impossible. Treat her to her favorite baked goods and fruit – with a cup of strong coffee, of course!

DIY new mom gift idea made with Cricut. Sleep mask with eyelashes.

The sleep assistant

A new mom is accustomed to getting minimal sleep, but you can give her the gift of premium shuteye by making the few hours that she does get to rest as good as they can be! Customize some dreamy loungewear or pajamas to freshen up her nighttime (or daytime) wardrobe.

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