Get ready for the New Year with Cricut DIYs

28 December 2021

These Cricut-made projects help you follow through with your New Year’s resolutions in 2022.

“Ringing in the New Year” is always fun and full of prospects. We all make resolution plans, hoping to stick them out for as long as possible. If you’re anything like me, forming those new habits can be a challenge, even more so when you’re a busy college student. This time around, I’m using my Cricut powers to help me stay on track to achieve my goals.

Planner for your priorities

The first step to starting off the New Year right is getting your priorities in order. I’ve found my tasks are easiest to complete when I lay them out neatly in lists — or better yet — a yearly planner. With my Cricut Maker, I decided to step up the basic planner notebook with some stickers that reflect my interests. Whether it be customized with a monogram or a variety of random shapes, stepping up your planner game will help keep all of your responsibilities in an array, so you never miss a deadline. 

Water bottle challenge

Every year, I challenge myself to drink more water, but committing to the task is not always easy. This year, I utilized Cricut to help me customize a water bottle I love so much, I always keep it with me. Using a bottle marked with ounces makes it easier to track water intake, so I’m always hydrated and ready for what’s to come. 

Mood board but make it #goals

To see it is to believe it. When goal-setting for oneself, seeing the goals written out can help your mind stay focused on what it’s trying to achieve. My favorite Cricut-customized item for my New Year’s Resolutions is my goal board which allows me to visualize my goals and my future right in front of my eyes! This is a fantastic hack for those of us who tend to forget about each specific goal they desire, and it makes for excellent wall decor. 

Stay clean with this supply sign

When prepping for any big change, having a clean and tidy area is best for keeping a balanced mind. If you’re living in a smaller space, organizing your cleaning supplies in one bin is an easy way to keep everything in order, and labeling it with a funky sign makes it (kind of) cute! While cleaning may not always be the most thrilling activity, Cricut drawing and writing tools can put your favorite cleaning phrase onto paper and make your products bin a little bit easier to look at—and maybe even use!

Whatever your resolutions may be for the coming New Year, Cricut is alongside you every step of the way. Personalizing the tools you need for success makes it unique to you, and so much more exciting when you succeed.

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