Using vinyl scraps – rainbow bookmark project

29 September 2021

Ask any crafter, they’ll tell you they want to make the most of their supplies and stash. We’ve seen our community making some fabulous rainbow projects using up vinyl scraps to make beautiful multicoloured projects! Let us show you how you can use all those little scraps of vinyl you have lying around (or stored neatly in a scraps box if you’re an organised crafter) with this easy rainbow scraps project tutorial.

This project is also perfect for using the strips at the top of any Smart Vinyl you’ve used. This is the perfect way to use up all of those left-over pieces to make an awesome multicoloured design.

You will need:

How to make

Step one:

Take your scraps and cut them up into even pieces. You can decide how wide you want each piece to be depending on how many colours you have and how many scraps you would like to use, just make sure they are even in width.

Step two:

Lay the scraps onto your mat, lining them up next to each other. Make sure that there are no gaps between each of the vinyl pieces.

Step three:

Next, cut out your chosen design, double-check that the design fits into the space covered by your scraps.

Step four:

Next weed the design. Keep it on the cutting mat so that you can keep all of the pieces in place.

Step five:

Lay a piece of Transfer Tape over the top of the design (still on the cutting mat) and use your scraper tool. This will pick up all of the design from the mat. You can then remove the backing pieces so that only the design is left on the transfer sheet.

Step six:

Transfer onto your blank and burnish well. Carefully peel back the Transfer Tape to reveal your completed multicoloured design. A perfect way to use those scraps pieces of vinyl up!

Finish with a tassel or decoration and use in your current book. This would also make a fantastic gift. Show us what you’ve made with your scraps by tagging @Cricut_UK on Instagram.