Tips for mindful crafting

9 May 2022

Everyday life can be hectic. From dealing with our everyday pressures to supporting our family, a lot happens in a day. That’s why it’s so important to have a bit of ‘me’ time. A moment where you can focus on your mindfulness. That could be through exercise, speaking with others or through making!

Making is a great way to take your focus from your everyday responsibilities and pressures, and direct it to your project. Focusing on one singular thing can quieten the mind, relax the body and overall, help calm within.

Create something that brings positive emotions to you.

One of the trickiest hurdles to overcome is deciding what to create. Looking on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram is a great place to start for inspiration. Collate the images that bring you joy to help decide what to create. Note what colours you are favouring and what materials you prefer to create with too.

Another idea for deciding what to create is to head over to the images area of Design Space. Save images that bring you joy by clicking the bookmark tab, in the bottom right-hand corner of each image. Once green this means they are saved and can be accessed under ‘Filters’ and ticking ‘Saved’. You can then select the images you wish to make with and place them onto canvas.

Make for you.

Take your time and allow the mind to focus on the task in hand. Playing music whilst making can help with relaxing and quieting the mind. There are some great playlists out there for relaxing with soothing sounds or even ASMR style noises to help you feel comfortable in your space.

Try not to stress about completing the project or whether it will look good to others. It’s okay if your project is not completed in the time you have. You can pick it back up again in the spare time you have in your week or leave it to the next dedicated time slot.

Remember that this time is for you. All that matters is that you love the project and that you had a great time making it.

Positive Affirmations in Design Space

To help with ideas for your Positive Affirmation entry, here are a number of positive affirmations that are available as images on Design Space. Simply, select the image, resize for your project, and get cutting on your Cricut machine!

Image details from left to right: Make Yourself a Priority #M385D2E58, You Are Magic #M269B1F54, You Got This Babe #M25DBFA26, She Is Strong Powerful Brave Unstoppable #M279251A2, Be Pretty Pretty Strong Pretty Brave Pretty Kind #M27924FAC, Be Kind #MC5FC352, Mental Health Is A Priority #M27E00922, Always Choose Kindness #M3A14AF94

We cannot wait to see what you create!

If you want to read more about ways to reduce stress, there is more information on the NHS website.