The Ultimate Cricut Beginner Guide

2 January 2022

As a Cricut beginner, you have just opened your new Cricut machine and are itching to start! After that, you might need some guidance, so we’re here to help give you the confidence to create your first project and beyond.

The following links are useful resources for Cricut beginners and experts alike:

Getting Started With Cricut

How To Blog Tutorials

Help & Support


Community Support

Getting Started With Cricut

For up-to-date support, free workshops, and education on all things Cricut, head to Cricut Learn.

Join us every Thursday live on TikTok at 8.30pm for tutorials, Q&A’s and education on all things Cricut. Plus it gives you a chance to ask all your burning questions. Find us on TikTok here.

Cricut beginner terminology

We have numerous articles to help you get started with your making. From learning what weeding is to our top recommendations for first projects for example, these articles are great for just starting:

Getting Started with your Cricut Machine

Getting Started with Cricut Joy

Cricut Terminology

A guide to Cricut Maker Tools

Beginners Guide to Infusible Ink

Six Projects to Make with your Cricut Machine

How To Blog Tutorials

Want to learn a skill or something specific? These How-To guides will help to illustrate and give you confidence in that specific skill, allowing you to become an expert!

How to use writing in Cricut Design Space

How to use Kerning in Design Space  

How to get the best results with Print Then Cut

How to curve text

6 things you didn’t know you could do in Design Space

How to contour

How to weld

How to upload images

How to use the Slice Tool

Everything you need to know about Engraving

How to make your own Design Space profile and share projects

Inspiration Hubs

If there is one thing we love to share, it’s the inspiration for making with your machine. Find our amazing making hubs below to serve your needs and making moments. From weddings to birthday, we’ve got you covered:

Wedding Inspiration Hub

Handmade Gift Guide

Baby Nursery DIY Ideas

Six projects to make with your machine for beginners

IKEA Haul with Cricut

Help & Support

Need to speak to Member Care about your machine or need face-to-face guidance? Then we have a number of ways we can give you the time you need.

Member Care

If you are having issues with your machine or the software, get in touch with Member Care who will be happy to help!

There is the online chat or the freephone numbers at the footer of the website. Please note that the phones lines are open 9am -6pm Monday – Friday.

Help Centre

Search the Help Centre for Cricut guidance on support over anything and everything!

Simply search for what you are looking for, then relevant information pages will be available for you to access.

Find the Help Centre here.

Cricut Online Workshops

We know that it can be a little bit daunting as a Cricut beginner when you first begin making.

We’ll be hosting virtual workshops to help you make your first steps in learning something new with Cricut. You get the time you need, and you will get to experience Cricut with an expert who guides you through a range of skills.

See the latest workshop dates here.

Hobbycraft Custom Crafting Stores & Online Workshops

Hobbycraft Cricut Custom Crafting Crawley

Did you know most Hobbycraft stores offer dedicated Custom Crafting areas? This article describes what you will find there.

Many Custom Crafting stores feature a demonstration table where customers can get hands-on with the machines, view inspirational projects on display, discover a wider range of tools, materials and accessories available, and there is an expert on hand to help guide you. Above all, this is great for a Cricut Beginner or those thinking of buying a Cricut as you get to see the machines up-close!

Find your nearest Hobbycraft store here.

Hobbycraft also has a range of workshops to help with Cricut Skills, and you can even book in a 1-1 with one of the Hobbycraft Artisans to get face-to-face guidance in whatever Cricut skill you want to learn.

View and book a current Hobbycraft workshop here.

Hobbycraft Cricut Wednesdays

On Wednesdays, Hobbycraft runs ‘Cricut Wednesday’ online. Hence you will find a resident Cricut expert answering Cricut questions on the Hobbycraft Facebook page and sometimes on Instagram stories. Then you can discover takeovers from Cricut experts, video tutorials and inspirational projects too.

John Lewis Workshops

Cricut Beginner Workshop

If you purchase your machine from John Lewis, you can get a free workshop that is perfect for a Cricut Beginner.

Simply click the link on the product page on the John Lewis website, complete the form, then send a copy of your proof of purchase and you’ll be sent a link to view the workshop. After that you can follow along at your own pace, pause, replay and watch as many times as you want to.


Beginner Project Cricut

When everything is out of the box sometimes, it can be overwhelming to figure out what project to start with!

The blog is a great place to find new and seasonal making ideas. So head to our Inspiration section to see all our ideas and tutorials to make with your Cricut machine.

On Instagram, we always share projects from makers in the community to help with new ideas. Above all, make sure to tag @Cricut_UK for a chance to be featured!

Community Support

The Cricut community is a very special place and members are always helping others with their making!

Join a Facebook group:

On Facebook, you will find lots of Cricut Facebook groups to join. Consequently, as a beginner, these are a great place to get expert help and answers to all of your questions.

These groups are also a great place to make Cricut friends and join the Cricut community! You come across inspiration for your upcoming projects too. Search in a group for a topic, no doubt others will have asked similar questions before, or create a post asking for help – There are no silly questions; we’ve all been there!

For a list of Cricut Facebook Groups see here.

Cricut YouTube channel

The Cricut YouTube channel has hundreds of easy-to-follow videos. As a result, these videos are a helpful resource for beginners as you will find short videos with everything you need to know.

Find the Youtube channel here.

We can’t wait to see your makes

It’s always exciting to see what makers create with their machines. So make sure to share your makes with us on Instagram @Cricut_UK or by using #CricutUK