The Ramadan Calendar You Need For 2022

5 March 2022

As the beginning of Ramadan approaches, Samara of Gift Goonie and @gift_goonie on Instagram offers this stunning Ramadan calendar idea.

Here, Samara shares a tutorial below for a perfect personalised calendar that you can make for Ramadan celebrations in 2022.

You will need:

How to make:

  1. Open up a new project in Design Space and write out the numbers 1 to 30. Select your desired font and size. The numbers on my bags are approximately 6 cm tall. Also select any images you would like to decorate your bags with. Heads to images and search for Ramadan for a variety of images that could be used.

2. When you are happy with your design, select ‘Make It’. Cut them on your Cricut machine using your Smart Iron-on. Don’t forget to mirror your design and load the vinyl with the shiny side facing down.

3. Once cut out, use your weeding tool to remove the parts you don’t need.

4. Arrange the numbers and images how you would like. I put the number on the bottom right and icons on the top left. I played around with placement and found this worked for me.

DIY Ramadan Calendar with Cricut

5. Consult the Cricut Heat Guide for recommended heat settings as well as after-care for your project. Once you have the recommended heat settings, set your EasyPress to the correct temperature.

6. Press the Iron-on vinyl to your bag using your EasyPress.

Make your own Ramadan Calendar with Iron-on

7. I also personalised a gift box for my pouches to go in. Repeat the steps above for this to create a beautiful box that will bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Ramadan Calendar Gift box ideas

Now you have 30 gorgeous little pouches to fill with mini books, flashcards, toys, chocolates or whatever else you please. I made some flashcards on my Cricut machine to put in the pouches.

Ramadan Calendar DIY Cricut Ideas

Thank you Samara

Thank you Samara for putting together this fantastic tutorial. You can find Samara on Instagram and she also has her own website too.

DIY Ramadan Calendar and Cards

Ramadan Projects in Design Space

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Create and showcase these beautiful lanterns as centerpieces on your Iftar tables to brighten up the night. Nobody would believe these were made out of paper.

Festive Ramadan wall lantern made with Cricut.

Flourish Bookmarks

These beautiful bookmarks are great for holding your place in the Quran. With only three paper colours you can make multidimensional bookmarks.

Ramadan bookmarks.

You can see more Ramadan tutorials on the blog here.

Don’t forget to share with us on Instagram your creations using @cricut_uk and tell us the projects you’re making for Ramadan this year. If there’s anything else you’d love for us to add to our project library in Design Space make sure you let us know with a message or a comment.