Teacher gift ideas and inspiration

6 June 2024

The end of the school year is just around the corner, so we’re looking forward to seeing the handmade Teacher gifts that Cricut members are making to say thank you.  In the meantime, if you’re looking for teacher gift ideas we’ve got you!  Here, we’ve rounded up some quick ideas for meaningful teacher gifts that don’t have to be expensive or elaborate.

London primary school teacher, and friend of Cricut, Sophia Wilson, wants to reassure parents that there are no expectations from teachers. She said: “The last thing teachers want is families feeling the pressure to buy something. Spending time teaching your children, and seeing them develop is reward enough, it’s our job! However, if you really do want to bring in a small card or gift, there is nothing better than something that is handmade or personalised. We really appreciate the thought that goes into that.”

With the fast-approaching school holidays in mind, here is a round up of fun teacher gift ideas. They can all be made in Cricut Design Space and show how much you appreciate your teacher:

Swap Expensive Gifts for a Personalised Card

Navigate directly to these projects in Design Space here: Best Teacher Ever Card, You Rule Card, World’s Best Teacher Card, Thank You Apple Card, A+ Teacher Card and The World Needs More Teachers Like You card.

Craft beautiful cards with personal touches such as your child’s handwriting or drawings, making them unique.

Personalised Tote Bag Teacher Gifts

Personalising a tote bag with your teacher’s name gives it that special touch, making them feel truly appreciated. It’s a fantastic way to say thank you to the teachers who’ve made a real difference in our lives.

Find all of these teacher gift ideas for bags in Design Space here: Subway Art Bag, Eat Sleep Bag, Teachers Change Bag and Best Teaching Assistant Bag.

Make your teacher smile with a tote bag featuring their name or a fun design. And of course, you must not forget those incredibly hard working Teaching Assistants.

Positive Vibes For Teachers – Drink Gifts

Teachers need a cuppa, and positive messages to stay upbeat and feel loved throughout the day always help. So check out these handmade Teacher gifts that will give them a lift with every sip.

Get straight into these projects in Design Space and make these vessels here: World’s Best Teacher Mug, Teacher Mode Off Cup, It Takes a Big Heart Mug, Coffee Teach Repeat Mug, Before School/After School Drink Set and Teachers Plant Seeds Cup.

Teacher Gift Ideas With a Spa Vibe

After the hustle and bustle of school life, relaxing during the summer break must be a priority. Help your favourite teacher wind down, here are some great gifts that will make them chill.

You can make both of these projects in Design Space, right here: Spa Vibe CandlesTeacher Cosmetics Bags.

Planting Seeds That Grow Forever

A small plant can bring joy every day. What’s more, by personalising the pot with your Cricut machine, you can make the gift extra special and unique for your child’s teacher. An inspiring quote like “Thank you for helping me grow” or their favourite book/film quote is a nice extra personal touch. You can find these super ideas in Design Space by clicking here for the project or here to see more similar designs.

With the Cricut Design Space app, you can even turn your child’s handwriting or drawings into images. Then you can send to your machine to cut out the letters in vinyl. To do this, simply take a photo of the handwriting (top down), or scan it if you have a scanner. Upload the image or photo to the app and cut in your chosen vinyl or Iron-on. With this personalised touch you can create one of a kind gifts that truly stand out. Why not ask your child to draw a picture of their teacher or write a special message? This can then be cut and applied to any number of gifts. With permanent vinyl, these individual designs will last a lifetime!

This project was created by one of our marketing team using her son’s handwriting, and is a great example of how effective it can be.

Teacher Gifts For Students

Sometimes teachers want to send their kids off with a small gift. After spending a school year together it’s nice to make the children feel appreciated too! Many teachers have taken the creative plunge and saved the wonderful handmade treasures they’ve made as gifts for their class in Design Space. Here are some of the best we’ve seen, together with a link to the projects on Design Space.

Click these for your maker guides: Personalised Bookmarks, Magnetic Stickers, Be Amazing Pencil Case Stickers, Monogram Keyrings, Sweetie Bag Toppers and You Rule Chocolate Bar Wraps.

Share Your Teacher Projects With Us

Your Cricut machine offers endless possibilities, and your child’s teacher or classmates will appreciate handmade gifts. We can’t wait to see your creations, so please make sure to share with us on social media by tagging @cricut_uk on Instagram and TikTok.

Share with our community on Design Space by publishing your project live. Find out how to publish and share projects in Design Space here.