Six golden rules to keep organised in the kitchen

10 January 2022

Hands up who has been thinking that 2022 is the year to declutter, get organised in the kitchen, and sort out the storage? You’re not alone and thankfully we have some expert advice to set you on the right track.

We’ve teamed up with professional organiser Vicky Silverthorn to share her trade secrets which will help avoid getting overwhelmed. We’ve certainly taken on board her really simple tips and feel that home organisation is more achievable after following her advice.

Watch Vicky’s video on Kitchen Organisation Tips here. Or, read on to find out how you can keep the busiest room in the house clutter-free.

Contributor: Vicky Silverthorn, Founder of You Need a Vicky

At the start of the new year, many people will use the time to declutter and get everything organised. But whilst you might have the best of intentions, it’s important not to bite off more than you can chew by clearing out the whole house in one go. So, rather than becoming overwhelmed and feeling lost, I like to start in the heart of the home, the kitchen.  It’s where so many families spend most of their time, so getting everything in order here first will help to regain a sense of control after the mayhem of Christmas.

It’s not about putting things in little baskets. It’s more about having simple solutions that will keep the kitchen clutter-free for years to come.

Whether you’re taking out extra crockery and labelling up with a handy gadget like Cricut Joy™ (which I found to be a lifesaver so you know where to find it later on) or shifting your shelves around to create storage that works for you, there are some very useful tips you can follow to get a head start on the clear out. 

So, to make those new year resolutions more attainable for the year ahead with the help of my Cricut Joy, I’ve pulled together my top tips on how to get the kitchen looking fresh for 2022. 

Before you do anything, open up all the cupboards and take a good look!

Why? Many people start a kitchen clearout by taking everything out of the cupboards and putting on the countertops. Trust me this will fill the space quicker than you think! Instead, take a look at what you have in the cupboards and think to yourself: ‘Do I really need that serving platter in that space all year round? Or, should I put it into home storage and put something more practical there instead for easy access as I use them more frequently?’. 

Shift the shelves around

Take advantage of the vertical space in your cupboards and rearrange your shelves to fit better-suited items. Many people forget that you can actually do this! Even if you don’t have huge amounts of storage, rearranging the kitchen shelves will help your kitchen live up to its full potential and will rid yourself of clutter anxiety for good. 

Re-use old jars to create a rustic feel

If you’ve got old food jars lying around you can give them a wash and use them as cute storage pots for leftovers, dried food or snacks.  Why not take off the label and rename them too? I love to use my Cricut Joy™ to label all my jars and containers at the push of a button so that everything has its place. Plus it’s so compact, meaning it’s easy to stow away and take out again when I want to replace labels.

Never underestimate the power of a storage basket

Rather than going out all guns blazing and buying cute storage baskets for your kitchen, look at the space you have. Think about sizing, practicality and which products you actually need to store. Too many people get excited by buying baskets that don’t do the job they need to. This can hinder space rather than enhance it.  Declutter, then measure up, and only then buy your storage. 

Vegetable box label

Organise your kitchen like a shop

Rearrange your cupboards so that you have items with the closest use-by date to the front, and push items with longer dates to the back. Basically when you do a shop, put the new items at the back!

And if you find food that’s about to reach its use-by date that you can’t use, don’t forget to take it to the food bank!

Upcycle, upcycle, upcycle

Once the kitchen has had its makeover and is looking ship-shape and shiny, it’s time to add those personal touches. Getting the kids involved is also a great way to teach them about upcycling. Whether it’s a personalised mug for your morning coffee or water jugs for everyday use, those extra little special touches will turn the kitchen into the heart of the home.

With the Cricut Joy™ making labels for personalised mugs for the kitchen is so easy as an activity that the whole family can be part of.

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