Six Essential Tips for Small Businesses preparing for Christmas

21 July 2022

It’s that time of year again. Things are hotting up over the summer yet small businesses will have the opposite season in mind: Christmas. Winter may seem far away when we’re experiencing such scorching temperatures, but a small business needs to start its product plans now for selling during the festive period.

Here are our top small business tips for planning for Christmas…

Product plans are in place now

Prepare a mood board of colours styles and product offering ideas so you can narrow down the best ones. Think about your existing range and how you could evolve that for Christmas. For example, could you do Christmas T-shirts or pyjamas, candles, stocking tags, signs, food or beauty gifts with a Christmas theme or scent?

Source your products as soon as you can

Sourcing and ordering in stock is your first priority. If you are handmaking your products, now is the time to start to ensure you make enough to see you through the season.

Material rolls Cricut

Decide and source packaging materials

How your product is presented is so important. Many customers return if they have had a memorable experience and so personalising the packaging is a great way to stand out. Once you have decided on this you can order in any Cricut materials that you will need to make or enhance your packaging.

You can use your Cricut machine to make your products and your packaging! From cutting material for Christmas stockings to making cards or coasters, adding Infusible Ink or vinyl to Christmas slogan clothing/Pyjamas, adding personalisation, and so much more!

Labels, stickers, envelopes, tags, are just a few of the items that can be made on your machine to enhance your packaging. All of these can be personalised to your business and add that special touch.

Remember, a sticker on the outside of the box or padded envelope will be seen by everyone who deals with that parcel. A great way to gain further exposure for your business!

Small Business Stickers

Pricing up your products

It’s super important to take time to calculate the costs of your materials and time vs the cost you will price the product on your website.

A good idea is to bundle up items! Do you have any stock that you could bundle together with seasonal packing? Providing different options is a great way to sell further products.

Create content to promote your products

Instagram is great, but TikTok is also an extremely important tool for small businesses to utilise. Think of creating short videos of your products, the space you work in and the values of your business to help promote your products here and gain traction. You could create a series of footage that you can then chop and change to make multiple videos.

Another consideration is going live, particularly on TikTok, to showcase your products. You can even set up a shop in TikTok which users can buy from and can be browsed during your live. You can find out more about TikTok shop here.

Imagery is also important. Particularly on Instagram and your website/email! Take time to create a mood board of imagery you like and represents your brand style and values. Then source any props or backgrounds needed to take your photos!

Christmas Decor Idea

When to start promoting

The answer is simple… Now! There are many people who like to shop ahead, so as soon as your products are ready, pop them on sale, and offer them to your existing customers and launch your items on your Newsletter and Social Media Platforms.

You could even have an exclusive offer for your most loyal customers, or offer a prize on your Social Media Platforms to launch your Christmas Campaign.

iron on project Cricut

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