Show teacher appreciation with the gift of handmade

9 July 2021

The end of the school year is just around the corner and we’ve loved seeing what Cricut members have been making for teachers. We’ve rounded up some quick ideas for meaningful gifts that don’t have to be expensive or elaborate.

Sophia Wilson is a primary school teacher from London. She wants to reassure parents that there is no expectation from teachers. “The last thing teachers want is families feeling the pressure to buy something. Spending time teaching your children, and seeing them develop is reward enough, it’s our job! However, if you really do want to bring in a small card or gift, there is nothing better than something that is handmade or personalised. We really appreciate the thought that goes into that.”

We couldn’t agree more! Sophia adds: “While I’d never refuse anything, as that would be rude, there are some ‘traditional’ gifts which could be swapped for something personalised, which would mean a lot more than something with a high price tag.”

Sophia isn’t the only one to feel this way. Carrie Ann, commented on a picture in the UK Cricut Creators Facebook group where a member had shared a picture of a gift she’d made from an upcycled food box. She said: “Honestly… As a teaching assistant, I can tell you that these are the gifts that are loved the most. All gifts are appreciated but the ones that have been really thought out and handmade mean that little bit more x.”

Swap expensive gifts for a personalised card

Most teachers would not want their pupils to feel as though they had to spend a lot of money on end-of-year gifts, particularly given the challenges many families have faced over the last 18 months. A personalised, handmade card is always appreciated as it has a lot more meaning.

Opt for a personalised tote bag over chocolates

Even though many teachers love chocolate, it’s not the healthiest of gifts, especially if you receive more than 25 boxes! Useful gifts that have been personalised – like a tote bag – are always appreciated.

Forget the toiletries, choose a longer-lasting gift

Again, although bath sets can be lovely, most teachers will already have a cupboard full that they just can’t use quickly enough. A small plant can bring joy everyday, and by personalising the pot with your Cricut, you can make the gift special for your child’s teacher. An inspiring quote like ‘Thank you for helping me grow’ or their favourite book/film quote is a nice extra touch.

With the Cricut Design Space app, you can even turn your child’s handwriting or drawings into vinyl. Taking a photo of it (top down) and upload it to the app. Why not ask your child to draw a picture of their teacher, or write a special message, this can then be cut and applied to any number of gifts. Here’s one our UK and Ireland marketing manager made with her son’s handwriting.

For more crafty ideas, Miss Wilson has a crafty Instagram account mynotsosecretteachinglife.

What you’ve been making

Here are some more examples of what the Cricut community has made for teachers this end of term.

Zainab Jussab Suleman of Box Flair, created these adorable pen pots with a vinyl design and shared them in the Cricut UK Facebook group.

Diane Mackinnon had a great idea for a Head Teacher gift. She shared it on this post in the Cricut UK Facebook group.

Jade Burton shared her teacher gift in The Cricut Club UK Facebook Group. This handy gift will be used time and time again and will remind Mr Price of the very thoughtful pupil he taught.

Betty Kenna Clearly, a member of the Cricut Ireland Facebook group shared this lovely notebook that she paired with a personalised mug. Another gift that will be cherished as it’s used throughout the year.

Sarah Callaghan chose some fabulous quotes for her teacher appreciation mugs. You can find similar phrases in the Cricut Design Space image library.

Alicia Curtis remembered that the crossing patrol needs to be appreciated too. She posted in the Cricut UK Facebook group with a lovely keyring and card.

We all love a rainbow; recently they seem to have much more significance and have been used as a symbol of hope during the pandemic. This project, made by Sabrina Ball is the perfect gift to mark the end of term after the difficult year schools have had.

Chloe Teakle sells her Cricut-made items in her shop Rose & Rae. We think this cute gift set will surely raise a smile, not just when they’re opened and unwrapped, but every day when they’re used!