Bridgerton-inspired projects for a festive watch party

7 June 2024

Dearest crafters,

The talk of the town may focus on the latest gossip, but here at Cricut, we choose to indulge in the fashionable, handcrafted arts. Craftspeople, indeed, have the tools to make the season magnificently desirable…so long as the Queen approves. 

Regency style is currently captivating the minds of the masses, and the DIYs know no bounds. Whether you’re celebrating the rise of regencycore as Ladies and Lords or Dutchesses and Dukes, there are projects to satisfy your period drama needs. Here are some crafts for your next regal soirée:


Monogrammed notebooks are a sure way to capture and conceal all you witness during the season. With Cricut, there are countless materials you can use to add personalised touches to your notebook to make it more stylish.


Dear reader, we headed to Poundland to find some budget items that even the ton would adore, to provide you with some Bridgerton inspired home looks 😍 @CaityCraft – Squillbees . . . #cricutuk #cricut #cricutmade #poundland #poundlandfinds #budgeting #cricutprojects #crafttok #bridgerton

♬ Vlog – Gaspar

Bridgerton quote frames

Check out these two fabulous projects taking your favourite quotations from the show and using Cricut Vinyl cut outs which are so easy to do. The frames are inexpensive and we brought them from Poundland.

Personalised Bag

The ton is most impressed with this Bridgerton inspired Primark personalisation with Cricut. This subtle change to a shop-bought bag means you can have Lady Whistledown vibes wherever you go!


The ton us most impressed with this Bridgerton inspired Primark personalisation with Cricut 😍 . . . #cricutuk #cricut #cricutmade #crafts #cricutproject #bridgerton #primark #budget #crafttok #tiktokmademebuyit

♬ Mozart Minuet with violin(815356) – 松本一策
@biancadottin #ad Hosted the most amazing Bridgerton inspired tea party for my birthday and I couldn’t have done it without my @Cricut. I made all the things. #cricutmade ♬ original sound – Bianca 💕 DIY + MOM LIFE

Tea Cups

The essence of royalty is not complete without tea. When creating the perfect cups for the occasion, turn to Cricut Mug Press. The design possibilities are abundant, and your attendees can take their mugs for a special reminder of the party. 

Tea Party Accessories

Hosting an afternoon tea or a tearoom-inspired watch party demands some floral accents. These accessories are the perfect craft to tie in the theme for the event of the season.

@cricut Add a bit of regency-chic to your next tea party with #cricut 🫖🌸 #tea #beforeandafter #crafttok #bridgerton ♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) – Danilo Stankovic

Teapot Cards

If you’re looking for a decoration that more than meets the eye, teapot cards may be calling to you. These Cricut-made paper crafts will hear the “oohs” and “aahs” of your gathering’s attendees, guaranteeing a merry time. 

These themed projects have already been mighty impressive and inspirational, and we cannot wait to see what the Cricut Community will make as watch parties and tea parties continue. Share your regency-inspired crafts with us on social media by tagging us @Cricut!