#MonthofMakes Roundup Part 4

2 August 2021

It’s time to look back on our #MonthofMakes! Every day in July, we have shown a different making idea on Instagram Stories that is quick and easy to help give inspiration!

We know how easy it is to get caught up in a creative funk and all of a sudden, a month has passed, and you haven’t made anything.  

Each day has come with a prompt giving you the perfect balance of inspiration and flexibility to join in and make something for yourself.

Makers in the Cricut Community have also shared their projects by using #MonthofMakes. You can see the communities amazing makes by searching #MonthofMakes on Instagram.

Previous #MonthofMakes

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Let’s check out what the last week has given us:

Day 23: Abstract

Do you love the latest abstract trend? We do too and it happens to look great as décor on our makes.

We created a line drawing using an image from Design Space, search #M29A057CC.

Day 24: Favourite Quote

There is nothing like seeing your favourite quote to make you smile. Whether it’s on the wall, on a notebook, or on a tote bag, it’s totally unique to you.

This beautiful personalised mirror is by TheDancersDaughter on Instagram using their favourite quote from a popular musical!

Day 25: Retro

Retro is in!

There are lots of retro-inspired images in Cricut Design Space like the one we have used on this tray. It would be perfect for a staycation and campervan fun!

Project includes image from Design Space #M26203B4C.

Day 26: Romance

Making for a wedding, anniversary or just to make your loved one smile is always a great idea. Additionally, handmade cards and gifts show just how much you care.

This card was made using the Cricut Joy™ and Card Inserts with a project available on Cricut Design Space here.

Day 27: Animal

There are many ways you could use animal images for projects. You could create wall decals, party décor, cards, or a nursery wall hanging like this adorable lion project!

Project includes image from Design Space #M23EA3A8F.

Day 28: Back to School

Get back to school ready with personalised everything! Easily create personalised clothing tags, lunch boxes, PE bags and more.

With a Cricut Machine, anything is possible!

We decorated a pencil case with a mer-mazing project available in Cricut Design Space. We used a holographic iron-on for the extra wow factor!

Check out this project in Design Space here.

Day 29: Birthday

We love to make for birthdays! From cards to party décor, to handmade gifts, there are always many ways you can put a unique and personal spin on a birthday celebration.

Card by Maysiebug on Instagram.

Day 30: Kitchen Labels

Makers love to label and we can agree, labelling is so much fun! It is so satisfying to stay organised with labels.

We organised our spice jars with personalised labels using Cricut Joy™ and Smart Vinyl™.

We have used the font ‘Happy’ from Design Space for these labels.

Day 31: Stationery

Personalised stationery is always a good idea! From pencil cases to planners, there is so much you can create!

We created a colourful daily planner layout including rainbows and stars with the Smart Paper™ Sticker Cardstock. It was quick and easy to use plus with an adhesive backing it meant no need to apply glue!

Project includes image from Design Space #M22992E4, #M2298FCD, #M22991AA.

Cricut Community makes for this weeks #monthofmakes

Sophie_doodle_crafts on Instagram shared her herb labels for the theme, Kitchen Labels.

Judemakesthings on Instagram, revealed her favourite animal: bee! Created for the theme, animal.

Abby from Alex_in_wonderland__x on Instagram, created a bright and beautiful birthday card for the theme, birthday!


We hope you have enjoyed daily inspiration through 31 themes to help get you making! You can still get involved and make for the themes.

You might be inspired by one particular project prompt, or maybe you could dedicate the same half-hour every week to your creating with a theme in mind.

Don’t forget to share your makes with us using #MonthofMakes.