#MonthofMakes Roundup Part 3

26 July 2021

We are back with week 3 of #MonthofMakes, daily prompts on Instagram Stories to help spark ideas to get you making! These are quick and easy ideas so that whether you are a beginner or an expert, everyone can join in.

If you missed the previous weeks’ ideas, see here for #MonthofMakes Roundup Part 1 and see here for #MonthofMakes Roundup Part 2.

You can also see what our fantastic Cricut Community has created by search #MonthofMakes on Instagram!

Here is a roundup of last week’s #MonthofMakes themes:

Day 16: Kindness

The gift of giving to be kind and giving to thank someone for kindness are both great reasons to make!

Paula from TheCraftyLass on Instagram created a beautiful piece of home décor with vinyl and kindness as the focus.

Paula used the font ‘DTC Bikini Babe’ for the text and a simple circle shape for the confetti pieces.

Cricut Community makes for the theme: Kindness

Cards are always a great way to thank someone for their kindness. Maysiebug on Instagram created this beautiful card with her Cricut Joy™ and Insert Card Pack.

Day 17: Food

Food is a fun theme to create projects for yourself or as a gift! We created a donut coaster using our Coaster Blanks and Infusible Ink™!

Project includes image from Design Space #M273120CC.

Cricut Community makes for the theme: Food

Birthday cakes are a great idea for the theme food and could be used on cards, bunting, party decorations and more! Abby from alex_in_wonderland__x on Instagram created their very own paper-made cake.

Day 18: Mystic

If using a Cricut machine isn’t magical enough, we wanted to share some mystic inspired projects too! Kristal Sparklechildlondon on Instagram created a bag of magic tricks using our Tote Bag Blanks and Infusible Ink!

Day 19: Motivation

Whether they are words of encouragement for you or for someone else, inspirational quotes can help you power through! We decorated a notebook for our big ideas!

Project includes image from Design Space #M25EC7473.

Day 20: Card

We love to make cards for all occasions and we know our wonderful Cricut Community does too! Rabia from LondonCraftGirl on Instagram created a birthday Card with her Cricut Joy and Insert Cards.

This is a project available in Design Space which you can see here.

Cricut Community makes for the theme: Cards

The end of the school term is here and we have seen lots of thank you cards for teachers like these ideas by Laurie from Raspberrymoon.creations on Instagram.

A handmade card is always a good idea and birthdays are the perfect time to get making! Abby from alex_in_wonderland__x on Instagram created a cute jungle-themed birthday card that will bring a smile to the recipient’s face!

Day 21: Under The Sea

This fun theme is great for bathroom décor and making with the kids! Zoe from Oodlesofcraft on Instagram created felt under the sea shapes that her kids could play with.

You can watch the tutorial for how Zoe made this on Instagram here.

Cricut Community makes for the theme: Under the Sea

Donna from Donnaleacrafting on Instagram created an adorable octopus and turtle for the theme using her Cricut MakerTM and chipboard.

Day 22: Garden

When Spring and Summer arrive, it’s time to up our gardening game. Personalised plant pots, garden signs, and herb labels are a great idea for your garden. We created this plant pot décor using Permanent Vinyl as it’s UV and water-resistant for up to three years.

Find out more about permanent vinyl here.

Project includes images from Design Space #M7865E46, #M10DCD3FF, #MF7275AF, #M10DA3194 which are free in Design Space.

Cricut Community makes for the theme: Garden

Fiona from Katy_Lou_Designs on Instagram personalised her deck chair!


We are posting a quick and easy project every day on Instagram Stories throughout July.

These are to a different theme every day to help inspire you to get making! #MonthofMakes is for everyone and we would love to see your creations by using the hashtag #MonthofMakes on Instagram.