#MonthofMakes Part 2

4 July 2021

We are loving seeing your #MonthofMakes projects. So far the prompts have included Space, Summer, Flowers and Beach and you have certainly impressed us with your creations. Search the hasthag #MonthofMakes on Instagram to catch a glimpse of what the talented Cricut community has been making.

This week we’re back with more inspiration to get you making. Sometimes all you need is an idea to get you on your way. So why not join in with some of our prompts and find the joy in creating again.

Monday 5th July – Get organised

Who needs an excuse to get organised? We know it makes sense, but we don’t always realise just how easy it can be. From stationery to the spice rack, labelling is one of the most satisfying things you can do with a Cricut machine.

Tuesday 6th July – BBQ

Why do sausages taste better when they’re cooked outside? We can’t answer that, but we do know how to look the part when we have the BBQ flip in our hand! Or if you’re entertaining guests, a handy menu could help.

Wednesday 7th July – Wall art

For instant crafting gratification, whipping up a wall art piece is the perfect project. Hundreds of images in Design Space are ripe for cutting out on paper or vinyl and popping in a frame. How about these for starters: simple foiled line art or positive quote layered vinyl.

The new Cricut MakerTM 3 and Cricut ExploreTM 3 can cut up to 12 feet in one go with Smart MaterialsTM, so you can create stickers large enough to go straight onto the wall! How about these giraffes, or this name decal?

Or if you have a bit more time a 3D Lion would be a great addition to a kid’s room and the pyramid art would certainly be a conversation starter. With Cricut Maker able to cut basswood and chipboard with the knife blade (sold separately), more ambitious projects – such as this basswood world – are also possible. We think we’ll stick to the simple stuff though, like this mountain range made from just five pieces of card.

Thursday 8th July – T-shirt

A personalised T-shirt for every occasion…what’s not to love? From hen parties to house parties, funny quotes to slogan tees, there’s no limit to what you can emblazon onto a shirt. Maybe this prompt will even inspire you to try Infusible Ink for the first time.

Friday 9th July – Sports

Did you know a lot of British sports have been added into the Design Space image library? You can now find image sets for cricket, netball, rugby, fishing and more. Even paddleboarding! So whether it’s your water bottle or your kit, you can find something suitable to make a unique project just for you. And Cricut Sportflex Iron-on is specially designed to work with stretchy fabrics so your kit will look as great at the end of the season as at the start!

Saturday 10th July – Plants

Whether it’s personalised pots or paper plants you can’t kill, this is a popular theme amongst crafters. This is the perfect project to get your machine dusted off and making again. Choose a phrase, cut it in vinyl and apply it to your pot for a constant daily reminder to stay positive.

Take a look at Zooey Deschanel creating paper plants and plant pot labels in this video.

Sunday 11th July – Dinosaurs

Who doesn’t love a dinosaur? From cute to roarsome, dinosaurs don’t just have to be for kids! Try this Dinosaur Skull Cushion, Wall Art, Triceratops paper cut or Dino-mite birthday card.

Here’s a video showing you how to add an adorable dino design onto a baby comforter.


The Cricut #MonthOfMakes prompts are suitable for everyone. Maye you want to get making but don’t feel inspired. Or perhaps you don’t have the time to commit to making something huge.  Throughout July, we are sharing a quick and easy project to make in our Instagram stories each day.  We hope these prompts will offer the perfect balance of inspiration and flexibility to join in and make something for yourself.

Come back next week for more inspiration and ideas for the next week of prompts.

Join in on social media by sharing pictures of your makes with the hashtag #MonthofMakes.