#MonthofMakes part 1

30 June 2021

Have you heard? We’re gearing up for a whole month of inspiration, prompts and ideas to get you making again. Throughout July – in our #MonthofMakes – we’ll be sharing a different theme every day, and you can join in as much or as little as you like!

Thursday 1st July – Space

Tomorrow – 1 July – we’re kicking off with a Space theme. Will you add the phases of the moon to the front of your notebook, a galaxy of stars to your bedroom wall, or simply a rocket to your backpack?

Friday 2nd July – Summer

We’re in the mood to celebrate summer, and the forecast says it’s going to heat up over the weekend. It’s the ideal excuse to add a bit of bling to your picnic glasses, customise a picnic rug, or plan for a typical British summer early evening temperature drop with a handy summer-vibes jacket.

Saturday 3rd July – Flowers

The perfect embellishment, Cricut flowers come in all shapes and sizes. Create a showstopping centrepiece if you have the time, or add a floral motif to a vase or a cushion cover in an instant. Or how about sending a loved one a bunch of flowers on a handmade card just because you can?

Sunday 4th July – Beach

Whether you’re creating something to take to the beach, or something that reminds you of a day well spent with the sand between your toes, we have some great ideas for beach-themed projects. How about a Beach Memory Jar, Infusible Ink bathing beauties coasters, a Punny Beach Face T-shirt or a customised frame?

Come back on Monday for more inspiration for next week’s prompts.

Join in on social media by sharing pictures of your makes with the hashtag #MonthofMakes.