Make cards in minutes with Cricut

1 May 2022

Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker owners rejoice — you asked, and we’re answering. Cricut introduces Cricut Card Mat 2 x 2 for Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore machines.

One of the most requested accessories, Cricut Card Mat 2 X 2, is here and now you can make pro-looking greeting cards in minutes. This new mat makes it fast and easy to create up to four cards at once using pre-scored Cricut Insert, Cutaway or Foil Transfer Cards.  

Along with the new Cricut Card Mat 2 x 2, the launch of this accessory comes with all-new integrated features and card content in Design Space that make it possible to design and cut/draw customised cards in minutes. Like the card mat for Cricut Joy, Cricut Card Mat 2 x 2 uses a protective divider to cut a design on the front while keeping the back of the folded card intact.  

Simply insert one side of the folded card under the plastic divider and press the card into the adhesive on the mat, like in the illustration above. Voila! You are now ready to cut your card. Use the rest of the mat to make up to four cards at once. 

All ingredients included to make cards in minutes

With Cricut Card Kits, be ready for any occasion with an assortment of pre-scored cards, complementary inserts, and envelopes. Choose from a huge variety of Insert Cards , Cutaway Cards or Foil Transfer Insert Cards, each with different card and insert colour combinations.

The Card Kits also come in a variety of sizes. 

Pick a card, any card, with three Card Kit options

Cricut Insert Cards

These glue-free designs allow for two-tone cards without mess or hassle. Cut intricate or meaningful words and images into the face of the card to let the beautiful insert colour show through. These kits include envelopes and come in a bounty of colours to delight every card recipient on your list.

Cricut Cutaway Cards

Take your creativity to the next level with these one-of-a-kind cards. Simply adhere a stand-out backer, cut your design, weed away cutouts, and you’re set — custom cards for any occasion. Cutaway Cards deliver design freedom without need for stencil fonts or images. Envelopes are included, like with all of our Card Kits, so your cards are ready to send.

Cricut Foil-Transfer Insert Cards 

Foil-Transfer Insert Cards add a little shimmer to your card creations. Paired with your Cricut Foil Transfer Tool, the included Foil Transfer Sheets come in an assortment of colours to please every card recipient on your list.

Choose ready-to-make projects or create your own

Pick from thousands of ready-to-make Insert Card designs or create your own custom cards in Design Space. Cricut Design Space is loaded with card-creating awesomeness. We have added over 1,300 ready-to-make card projects for every occasion including birthday cards, graduation cards, and anniversary cards — just to list a few. And, of course, card projects for holidays like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Hannukah, and so much more. For those wanting to make custom or personalised cards (yes, you can use your Cricut machine to write inside your card!), you can tap into more than 200,000 images and over 700 fonts in Design Space. The possibilities are endless.


Questions? We have answers.

Does Cricut Card Mat 2 x 2 work with all Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker models?


What are the dimensions of Cricut Card Mat 2 x 2?

13 in x 16.25 in (33 cm x 41.2 cm) 

What card sizes can I use with Cricut Card Mat 2 x 2?*

·      R10 – 3.5 in x 4.9 in (8.9 cm x 12.4 cm) 

·      R20 – 4.25 in x 5.5 in (10.8 cm x 14 cm) 

·      R30 – 4.5 in x 6.25 in (11.4 cm x 15.9 cm) 

·      R40 – 4.75 in x 6.6 in (12.1 cm x 16.8 cm) – New Size 

·      S40 – 4.75 in x 4.75 in (12.1 cm x 12.1 cm)- New Size 


*Note: the “R” before the card size identifies card shape as rectangle. The “S” signifies card shape as square.

How many cards can I cut on a Card Mat 2 x 2 over its lifetime? 

Cricut Card Mat 2 x 2 adhesive is designed to last up to 20 cards (per panel) with Cricut card packs. To get the most out of your mat, remove scraps from the mat after cutting and replace the protective cover when the mat is not in use. 


Can I write on the inside of cards on Card Mat 2 x 2? 

Yes! To write or draw on the inside of your card, fold the card inside out and insert into the card mat so that the inside is up on the mat. Ensure that your Draw design is properly oriented and positioned on the project preview screen.


What are Insert Cards and how do I use them? 

Read our website for more on Cricut Insert Cards and Cricut Foil-Transfer Insert Cards.


What are Cutaway Cards and how do I use them? 

Go to our website to learn more about Cricut Cutaway Cards.


Where can I go to learn more about Card Mats 2 x 2?

Learn more about how to use Cricut Card Mat 2 x 2.


We can’t wait to see all the cards you make with your Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker machines!