Introducing your newest card making obsession, Cricut Cutaway Cards

1 March 2022

We love making Insert Cards with our Cricut Joy. The combination of Cricut Joy™ Card Mat + card sets + Ready-to-Make cards in Design Space makes the entire process very simple. In a matter of minutes, we can have a finished card in hand. How could it get better, right?

Well, it has. We are so excited to introduce Cricut Cutaway Cards, the newest way to create cards with your Cricut Joy.

Cricut Cutaway Cards are a brand-new type of card. Different from Insert Cards in that you’re no longer required to design with stencil images and fonts to avoid tiny, floating pieces. You don’t need corner slots for the insert either! In fact, because your Cricut Joy will kiss cut to the backer piece, almost any image in the library can be turned into a Cutaway Card. The design options are endless. How is that possible? The process is a little different, so let’s break it down.

To get started, simply adhere your favorite stand-out backer by peeling the liner off the inside of your card and sticking the backer in place.

Then, use Cricut Design Space to cut personalised messages in any font or design. Use a Ready-to-Make project, or design your own! Click “make it” to send the card to your Cricut Joy to cut.

Remove the card mat from the machine and weed away cutouts. The weeded pieces will be sticky, but your backer will not. The machine will only cut through the top layers of card and adhesive, leaving the beautiful backer piece to do what it does best. Shine through.

Voila — custom cards for every occasion.

Cricut Joy Cutaway Cards 2022

Watch how Nicole makes a Cutaway Card here:

Combining Tool With the Cutaway Cards

Besides being able to create intricate, non-stencil designs, our favourite part of Cutaway Cards is the ability to combine them with our favourite tools! We love adding draw lines with a pen and foil accents with the Cricut Joy Foil Transfer Tool to really personalise the design.

You can design Cutaway Cards from scratch, or use one of the Ready-to-Make projects pre-designed for you – some with draw or foil options. Look for projects with the Cricut Access A on them to take full advantage of your Cricut Access Subscription.

There are several different styles and color options for the Cutaway Cards, we can’t wait to see what you make. Tag us in your creations #cricutuk and #cricutmade.

Still have more questions? Visit our FAQ page to learn more about Cricut Cutaway Cards.