Inspiration for your Maker 3 – Tiger mandala cushion

24 June 2021

Did you know Cricut Maker™ 3 is up to twice as fast as previous machines thanks to Smart Materials™? So now those intricate projects will be cut in half the time! But don’t worry, we haven’t taken away the wonderful art of weeding! Who else finds weeding therapeutic? We certainly do. So, here is some intricate inspiration for your Cricut Maker 3.

When using Smart Materials for your intricate cuts gives you stunning results in half the cutting time is there any excuse? You can create detailed cuts for home décor projects like this tiger cushion, using Smart Iron-on. Personalising your home has never even easier.

You will need:

Step One

Open the Cricut Design Space™ desktop, iOS or Android app and search the image library for the image ‘Tiger Mandala’ … image reference #M85C3713. Add it to the canvas. Resize the image to fit your cushion blank. Then, hit ‘Make it’. As the image is symmetrical there is no need to mirror the image as you would normally with Iron-On projects.

Step Two

Load the Smart Iron-on into the machine face down. Use the Roll Holder if you have a long length of Smart Iron-on to keep your material aligned, for a clean, precise cut. Select Smart Iron-on Glitter as your material setting then start cutting. Your machine will measure the length of Smart Material first to check that there is enough for the project before it starts cutting.

Step Three

Once cut, eject the material from the machine and cut off the excess vinyl. The Roll Holder has an inbuilt trimmer to make this super simple! Then use your weeding tool to remove all of the pieces from the design.

Step Four

Once your image is weeded, heat up your EasyPress. Be sure to check the Cricut Heat Guide for the correct heat and time for your blank and type of iron-on. Pre-press your blank for 10 seconds to remove any moisture then lay your image face up onto the blank. Press for the correct time as indicated on the Heat Guide and also press on the reverse to ensure long-lasting results.

Step Five

The most satisfying step! Once pressed, carefully peel back the clear carrier sheet to reveal your finished design.

You can now add a cushion into the cover, and add to your sofa to create a cosy, beautiful space!