How to craft a Jubilee party

19 May 2022

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is sure to inspire countless tea parties across the country this June. Here are some ideas to help you host an event fit for royalty.

Whether you’re planning a tea party at home or in your street, there are plenty of ways to embrace the Jubilee celebration. Below we’ve shared our favourite Design Space projects, plus things we’ve seen made in the community. We think we can all agree that this is the type of celebration where a Cricut machine really comes into its own.

Even if you’re not celebrating the Jubilee, most of these tips can be applied to any gathering, be it an impromptu BBQ, a birthday celebration or a special afternoon tea party. 

Food and drink.

Food and drink will no doubt feature highly. You could decorate cakes with toppers made on any of the Cricut machines but a Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker would be best for a large cake topper. You can make these cake toppers, designed by Emma Jewell in Design Space.

Is it even a Jubilee if there isn’t a commemorative mug? Thankfully, Cricut Mug Press makes it quick and simple to create your own Jubilee mug and Emma has designed a royal pair using Stackable Mugs. Make this project in Design Space here.

If you prefer a traditional tea party vibe with bone china teacups and saucers, how about customising your existing set with some removable vinyl? It will last the day, but will be easy to take off once the celebrations are over. This simple crown teacup and saucer project is available to make in Design Space here.

Bring out the bunting.

A string of bunting will instantly transform your event and add a sense of occasion. British illustrators Cat Madeira, Emma Jewell and Luke Jones have all designed bunting images for the Jubilee and they are available in Design Space for you to use.

  • Search for Cat’s images in Design Space in the image library using these references: #M383B29DF and #M383B2EED
  • Search for Emma’s bunting image in Design Space using the image reference #M38632685
  • Search for Luke’s image in the Design Space library using reference #M3A331936

You can, of course, adapt any of the bunting projects in Design Space to make them Jubilee-themed. Add crowns, corgis and iconic British images to red, white, blue, silver, gold (and even purple – the colour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee) card, paper or fabric.

Nicky shared her bunting project in the UK Cricut Creators Facebook Group and Donna posted on Instagram.

Crowning glory.

Make everyone feel the part with paper crowns. There are a selection of projects to make in Design Space, including this felt crown and this paper version.

Design Space users in the UK can now see a selection of Jubilee projects on the home page on the Desktop version of the app. And don’t forget, the official Jubilee emblem is now in Design Space too. You can read more about the emblem here.

Community Projects.

We are loving seeing the projects made by the Cricut Community shared on social media. Here are a few we spotted recently.

Don’t forget to tag us if you post your projects on your social media channels. You’ll find us at @Cricut_UK. We hope you enjoy your bank holiday, however you choose to celebrate.