Have yourself a stress-free little Christmas.

17 December 2021

The saying goes, if you have a tidy home you have a tidy mind, and because of that, being organised and decluttering has become so important to overall wellbeing. We teamed up with professional organiser Vicky Silverthorn to share her top tips for staying stress-free this Christmas.

In 2010 I founded my business “You need a Vicky” which allowed me to share my passion for organisation with the world. I recently discovered Cricut and since then I’ve been using my Cricut Joy™ to label and organise pretty much everything in my home. But the more I’ve used it, the more I discovered just how crafty I could be with it too, especially in the run-up to Christmas.

And now that Christmas is mere days away, many people may be feeling the pressure to get everything in order ahead of Christmas Day. Between buying and wrapping all the gifts, sorting out Christmas dinner, and preparing to host the family for the first time in a long time, there can be a lot to do!

Break it up into bitesize tasks

As any parent will know, the run-up to Christmas can feel daunting if you’re not on top of things. I love to break things down into little tasks and use gadgets that help me on my way. My Cricut Joy is a godsend here. I can make personalised Christmas cards and name tags at the push of a button. I leave the machine going while I crack on with decluttering and order my online food shops. It’s a win-win.

So whether you’re preparing to host the in-laws, gearing up to wrap presents galore or getting ready for the Christmas declutter, I’ve put together my top tips on how to prepare for the festive season this year, stress free!

Sleigh the Christmas card list

Create a spreadsheet with names and addresses so you have a go-to Christmas card and present list prepared for years to come. This is the kind of task people mean to do but never get around to. Make this the year you create it as you go. Next year you won’t regret it!

Cricut Joy Christmas Cards

Be kind to the planet and make reusable personalised gift tags

Have a more sustainable Christmas by creating reusable gift tags that can be recycled next year. I use my Cricut Joy to personalise these and it’s a great way to cut down on paper waste and have a more eco-friendly Christmas. Plus all my friends and family love the thoughtful little touch to their gifts.

Personalised gift tag

Make good quality storage boxes top of your Christmas list!

Christmas storage boxes help ensure your decorations and baubles are packed safely and securely and come out next year intact. Label boxes so they are easy to locate. Store Christmas wrapping paper with your decorations so it isn’t taking up room all year round.

Make these seasonal storage labels in Cricut Design Space here.

storage labels handmade

Get ahead with the Christmas declutter and make space.

Declutter your guest room in advance if people are staying. They are often used as a dumping ground so a nice tidy guest room will help to impress your guests.

Stuck for gift inspiration? Change things up with the gift of an experience.

Buying physical Christmas presents can sometimes seem like a stressful, daunting task with many ending up with unwanted presents. So why not change things up this year? Think experience over stuff when buying gifts. More than anything over the last year or so we appreciate being with friends and family, so swap a physical gift for a meal out or a trip to the theatre with friends. Get it firmly in the diary and celebrate being together again!

Start the festive fun early with a Christmas Eve box

The build up to Christmas day isn’t all hard work; inject the fun too and make your own personalised Christmas Eve box. Get the children involved in the lead up to the big day and let them design what they’d like their beautiful box to look like. With a Cricut Joy machine you can personalise your Christmas Eve boxes that will make lasting memories for years to come. Also, think about what you might like to put in the box…perhaps a stocking with your child’s name? Or did someone say personalised pyjamas?

Personalised Christmas eve box

Make a personalised Christmas Eve Box in Cricut Design Space here.

Avoid waste with organised cooking

Go through kitchen cupboards prior to Christmas – people say new year is the time to clear out but with Christmas coming, kitchens are a great place to get ahead with your clear out. Make way for Christmas food and don’t forget to ask your local food bank if they are taking donations (it would be unusual for them not to be).  Make a food list – check it twice so you don’t over do it… and get your slot in place if you are getting your food delivered. Support small businesses/ farm shops by ordering your turkeys ahead (make a note in your diary of deadlines!)

DIY decor for the Christmas table

The Christmas table is often the main centerpiece of the home on Christmas day. Making the table look festive and special can be enjoyed if done in advance. Why not add a personal touch with unique place cards, napkin holders or table wreath?

Table runner

Watch Vicky create a personalised Christmas stocking for her daughter here:

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