Get back to school ready with Cricut projects!

12 August 2021

It seems like the school term has only just ended yet planning for a new academic year starts now. From new uniforms to stationery, there is a lot to organise! We’ll show you how to be back to school ready with your Cricut.

New Design Space Projects

We have some amazing new projects available to make those preparations fun and easy! Whether you need labels or fun personalisation, we have got you covered.

Personalised Pencil Case

If we can put a label on everything, we will! Pencil cases are a perfect example of what could be labelled ahead of the new term. It could be your child’s name, their favourite song lyrics or a book quote for a unique design that stands out in the classroom!

See the personalised School Stuff and gaming pencil case project on Design Space here. These projects use Infusible InkTM for long-lasting results and a seamless finish.

Notebook Refresh

Notebooks are a great way to make learning fun and encourage some note taking in class! Brighten up the day with this sunshine notebook which is a new project in Design Space that you can see here.

Backpack Personalisation

There are lots of different ways you could refresh a backpack. From name personalisation to cute animal designs, we have many projects available that will make you smile!

If your little one loves animals, why not turn their backpack into one! Create some excitement on the first day with a shark backpack! Find this project on Design Space here.

If sharks aren’t your kid’s thing, maybe a unicorn will be! Find this adorable unicorn backpack project here.

Labelling a backpack is a great way to ensure if lost, your childs backpack will be returned. Check out this label design on Design Space here.

Personalised ‘First Day’ Projects

It’s a special moment when your kids enter a new year of school. Why not create a personalised ‘First Day’ board to get them excited for the new year and so you can take that first day of school photo in a much more unique and personalised way!

You can see this project on Design Space here and the corkboard version can be found on Design Space here.

Custom Back To School Clothing

It’s a big day for both kid and parent at the start of a new term. We have custom clothing projects for both parents and children to wear on the day.

As much as we love our kids around for the summer, it’s also great to have a bit of peace when they go back to school. This fun project is available on Design Space here.

Whatever year your child is going into, customisable projects are always a good idea! Check out the Class of 2034 project on Design Space here.

Want to see more school-themed projects? Head to the projects area of Design Space and search for School!