FREE England and Football images in Design Space

8 July 2021

We can’t help but get swept up in the euphoria of England reaching the final of the UEFA Euro Football tournament! To celebrate we’re making a selection of ‘England’ and ‘Football’ images FREE in Cricut Design Space.

Football's coming home

To find the images, click the image icon in whichever version of the app you are using, and search for the image references below:


  • #M44FB9
  • #M83CF2F5
  • #MBFB059B
  • #M41806
  • #M83CF209


  • #M458B6
  • #M26C58DFC
  • #M26C58DF3
  • #MF727582
  • #M26C59071
  • #M280BAE3D
  • #M1D75ABBE

We’d love to see your creations to support the team on Sunday. Tag us on Instagram @Cricut_UK and Facebook @Cricut UK, using the hashtag #CricutUK or #CraftedwithCricut.

Gigi (Pretty Little Makes on Facebook) shared the most amazing Tutu she created for last night’s semi-final in the Facebook Group UK Cricut Creators. She really did help bring it home!

Group admins Jen and Laura are also running a giveaway to celebrate. All you need to do is share a project that meets the prize draw criteria on this post.

Inspired by Gigi’s project Ayesha created a T-shirt for her daughter who was allowed to wear something football-related to school yesterday. We think she’d be ‘Best in Class’ in this creation!

We’ve also created a project for you so that you can support the team on Sunday! Click here to make this Football T-Shirt in Cricut Design Space.

What will you make with the free images to celebrate the England men’s football team reaching the final of the tournament?

Come on England! Bring it home!