Design Space Updates: What’s New

11 July 2022

There have been a lot of changes to Cricut Design Space in 2022. These exciting new changes are a game-changer when it comes to making your next project.

These updates have all been communicated in the Cricut Software Facebook Group, but in case you are not aware of all the new changes, here is a roundup of what’s new in Design Space.


In-app notifications are now available in Design Space for desktop! This means that you can start engaging with your favourite makers in Design Space like never before. You will now be notified of new followers and when fellow community members like your project! The list is interactive – you can Follow/Unfollow right from that list or navigate to a user’s profile. Find out more about notifications here.

Design Space notifications

Phrase Navigation

Within the desktop and iOS versions of Design Space, there is a new option within Canvas that provides easy access to our vast library of pre-designed Phrases. Similar to the image search option, it will allow you to find popular phrases for your projects. More information about Phrases can be seen in these release notes.

Phrase navigation Design Space Update

New Text Editing Experience

Start your text and just get typing rather than in a separate text-entry box. You will also be able to see a preview when curving or rotating your text. The curved text tool is now available on iOS devices as well as desktops.

There are also new bounding box handles allowing you to resize your textbox without changing the size of your font. Text will now wrap automatically when you resize the box, eliminating the need for hard returns! Find out about bounding boxes here.

Curved text Design Space Update

Set Default Mat Settings

Now you can set a Load Type and size default for your machine! If you cut mainly with Card Mat on Cricut Joy, or only cut Smart Materials with your Cricut Explore 3 or Cricut Maker 3, choose the relevant default in Design Space Settings, and you can bypass the Load Type dialog that normally appears when you select Make It.

To do this, head to your settings then select ‘Load Type’ here you can select your options in the drop-down.

Design Space Settings

Improvements to Automatic Background Remover

You asked and we listened. There have been improvements to Automatic Background Remover:

  1. Persistent edge-to-edge erasing – eraser continues to erase when you return to the image even after going off the edge when erasing.
  2. .HEIC files can now be uploaded.
  3. Brush size can now be reduced to 1 pixel (px) for Erase and Restore functionality.

Automatic Background Remover is a feature exclusive to Cricut Access subscription members. Find out more about Background Remover on the blog.

Mat Preview Updates

Enhanced user experience on Mat Preview allows you to remove grid lines on the mat preview to show greater contrast. Simply click away from the image layer to view it on the mat without grid lines. When you select the image layer again, the grid lines will reappear.

removed grid lines on mat preview

Improved Preview Functionality for Print Then Cut

The behaviour of ‘Print Then Cut’ objects on the Preview screen now matches that of objects with other Operation types (Cut, Draw, etc.) in that you can now perform the following for Print Then Cut objects on the Preview screen:

  • Rotate images
  • Move objects to other Print Then Cut mats – just select the object, then select the More icon (three dots)
  • Hide images – just select the object, then select the More icon (three dots)
  • Print Then Cut sensor marking automatically expands/resizes when objects are moved or hidden
  • Images that fall outside of Print Then Cut sensor marking, such as when rotating an image, will automatically be repositioned within the marking once user releases the image

With the ability to Rotate and Move/Hide Print Then Cut objects on the Preview screen, you can now maximise the space you can use on one page and possibly even minimise mats!

New print then cut mat preview


With this update, you have the ability to turn shapes, text, and images into guides to help you build your projects. This means that you can change the line type, (also known as the operation) into a guide and easily conceptualise your project on the canvas by creating a template, outline, or notes! Find out more about Guides here.

New Guides in Design Space

Monogram Maker

Personalise items with greater ease than ever with the new Monogram Maker! Choose from a variety of classic and thematic designs, text styles, and frames to make a custom monogram right from the Canvas! This feature is exclusively for Cricut Access subscription members only.

You can read our blog that details everything you need to know about the new Monogram Maker feature.

Restore Brush Improvements

Now when you choose to restore areas of your image during upload, we show you a shadow of the restore area to better assist you with image restoration.

Inspiration Pages

Those on Design Space for desktop version 7.9 or above will now see a new experience that includes tons of inspiration around your favourite themes or crafting moments including seasonal events, custom apparel, wedding inspiration and so much more.

Inspiration pages in Design Space

The best is still to come

We are not done! We have many more improved and new features coming to Design Space. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to make your incredible creations. Improvements to fonts and design tools are imminent, so keep checking our social channels for more news.

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