Cricut introduces new heat press line up

7 March 2022

Cricut heats up 2022 with the unveiling of Cricut EasyPress 3, Cricut Hat Press, and Cricut Autopress.

Today, we unveiled the latest additions to our heat press category with solutions for nearly every type of heat transfer project. Keep reading for more on the new Cricut EasyPress3, Cricut Hat Press, and Cricut Autopress.

Meet Cricut EasyPress 3 + Cricut Heat app

Cricut EasyPress 3 brings new meaning to “easy” when it comes to your heat transfer projects. Now equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, CricutEasyPress 3 pairs with our all-new Cricut Heat app to guide you through any heat press project you take on.

Filled with information about nearly every heat press project possible, the app guides you with lists of supplies needed to press your project, shows you how to stack materials for proper pressing, and even tells you when to peel off protective iron-on lining. The Cricut Heat app is free for your iOS and Android mobile devices.

Cricut EasyPress 3 will be available to purchase in the UK and Ireland in May 2022. Learn more about what you can do with Cricut EasyPress 3 here or visit for more product details.

Make pro hats at homewith Cricut Hat Press

Waiting to launch Cricut Hat Press has been the ultimate test in patience after seeing all the exciting creations our community made with Cricut Mug Press™ over the past year. From bucket to trucker hats, there’s no cap on the possibilities with this one-of-a-kind handheld hat press.

Like our other heat press products, Cricut Hat Press uses a ceramic-coated plate to evenly distribute heat onto your materials. With a curved plate, Cricut Hat Press works with a versatile hat form to press materials on varying curves and surfaces. Cricut Hat Press also pairs with Cricut Heat for a guided making experience.

We’ve also made a new Strong Heat Resistant Tape made with extra stick to keep designs on rounded surfaces in place. This new tape works great with both Cricut Iron-On (HTV) and Infusible Ink™. And, of course, with Cricut Hat Press comes a variety of new hat blanks, including Infusible Ink-compatible ball caps and trucker hats. Cricut blanks are sold separately.

Whether you’re making ball caps for the whole team or a custom hat for your next outing, Cricut Hat Press allows you to customise and personalise hats of almost any shape, size, or type.

Read more about Cricut Hat Press here, or visit for more details on this new product.

Cricut Autopress —Our most advanced heat press

You know Cricut for sleek, home-friendly, easy-to-use design. Now, we’ve merged that with commercial power for the most advanced heat press we’ve ever made – Cricut Autopress.

Built with sturdy steel construction and high-quality components, Cricut Autopress delivers professional-level production. But unlike other solutions, this elegant design is something you’ll want to show off in your home, business, or craft room instead of hiding it in the back.

Commercial-level automation capabilities, designed for home

Automated features take care of the heavy lifting, saving you time and guess work while you create projects and fulfil customer orders with confidence. Cricut Autopress takes Zero Effort™ operation, using as few as two fingers to close the top and start making. When the top is pushed down, a motor automatically engages to measure the thickness of the material for the perfect pressure. Using your time and temperature settings, the motor releases when your transfer is done so you can feel confident that it is pressing precisely how you want it while you prep another project.

Designed with safety in mind

Our product teams constantly spend time with community members, learning how they use their machines and presses, and listening to safety concerns. Cricut Autopress incorporates an extra-wide clearance for easy mat alignment, certified temperature-rated plastics to minimize burn risks, fan-assisted airflow to keep heat away from commonly touched areas, and an auto-off feature to power down if inactive for a period of time.

So, whether you’re making shirts for your friends and family, sweatshirts for your volunteer group, or fulfilling an order for a hen party, Cricut Autopress is less effort and more magic with breakthrough auto-assistance for easy, professional-grade heat transfers.

One big heat press family

With these new additions, this Cricut product line is really heating up. Don’t know where to start? Here’s more info to help decide which Cricut heat press is right for you.